One Container, Complete Convenience

Motorcycle Storage Container in Nashua

Protect and Secure Your motorcycle with Go Mini's

Is your motorcycle left out in the cold or crammed into an already crowded garage where it can be easily scratched or banged up? Go Mini’s® of Nashua & Manchester motorcycle storage containers are the perfect solution for storing your bike safely and securely. Its weatherproof construction keeps your bike clean and dry, and its secure locking system significantly reduces the danger of theft or damage.

Our Nashua motorcycle storage Containers are loaded with great features:

  • Sturdy, weatherproof, vented, attractive
  • Sits off the ground on poly-coated steel wheels
  • Pressure-treated and water-resistant plywood floor
  • Translucent UV-treated roof lets in natural light
  • Plenty of tie-down locations throughout
  • Handy flip-down ramp for easy loading and unloading
  • Sturdy, steel locking roll-up door double protected by locking steel ramp that covers the door
  • Takes only 25% of a parking space
  • Portable for shipping or storing at an alternate location
  • Fits any make or model
  • Larger size also available for two or more bikes

Specifications for Go Mini’s® Motorcycle Storage & Shipping Containers

Please note: Larger size (8’H x 8’W x 12’L) available for Harley Ultras or for storing and shipping several bikes.

  • Inside:
    • Length: 9’2″ (110″)
    • Height: 7’4″ (88″)
    • Width: 4’9″ (57″)
  • Outside:
    • Length: 9’11” (119″)
    • Height: 7’5 1/2″ (89 1/2″)
    • Height with 8″ wheels 8′ 1.25″ (97.25″)
    • Width: 5’3″ (63″)

Securing Your Motorcycle In our storage unit

  • Tie-down hooks are welded in all four corners on the floor to secure the contents.
  • Heavy-duty interior straps secure additional tie-downs.
  • Horizontal rails are welded into the front of the container for the front tire to rest against.

Go Mini’s® Motorcycle Storage & Shipping Containers are the ideal solution for garaging, shipping or storing your motorcycle in Nashua or Manchester.