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Decluttering Tips for Putting Your Home on the Market

For a house to sell quickly, it has to be looking its best. It can be frustrating to live in a house and try to sell it simultaneously, but there’s never a better time to declutter a home than during a move. Here’s how to break it down, room by room.


Kitchens are often a substantial focal point for prospective buyers, but they can’t be a selling point if they’re full of clutter. To start, be sure to clear all small appliances off of counters and remove towels and potholders that may be hanging from hooks or racks. Similarly, pot racks and utensils hanging from walls can often detract from the kitchen’s features and should be removed and placed into moving containers. Finally, wipe down the kitchen and wax the floor to give it that just-like-new shine.


While modern, clean bathrooms can push a buyer to make an offer, they can often be home for some very unsightly items. Any cleaning equipment should be out of sight—after it’s used to make sure that the bathroom is clean! Anything too personal or unpleasant should be placed into storage or packed and prepared for a move itself.

Living Spaces

For living spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and family rooms, it’s important that homes look lived in, but not messy. For example, any books or movies on display should be edited down to a few tasteful volumes. This is also an excellent time to ensure that the lighting in these rooms provides a bright, open appearance. If there are any chips or dirt on walls from hangings, consider repainting in small swatches.

Staging Tips

It’s vital for a house to feel like a home to prospective buyers. Try to consider the view of a room from every doorway, as a short glance may be all it takes for a buyer to make a judgment. Consider adding elements like additional lighting and fresh flowers, and sequester outdated or worn furniture into storage solutions until the showing is over.

Decluttering can be stressful, but it can be the difference between a home sitting on the market and a quick sale. To get started with Go Mini’s Storage options, give us a call at 1-866-466-4647 today.

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