One Container, Complete Convenience

Moving Containers in Sycamore

Making Relocation Easier in Northern Illinois

When it comes time to pack up and move your belongings to a new home or building, the logistics can become a headache quickly. Factors like scheduling with a moving company, driving a rented truck, supervising packing or loading fragile items can make the experience a painstaking process.

Go Mini's of Northern Illinois opened its doors to offer a different kind of moving experience. Our free quote system, "no timeline" rentals, complimentary pickup/drop off as well as our carefully designed moving containers were all developed with the customer's needs in mind.

Residents and business owners in Sycamore and Northern Illinois rent our moving containers for many different reasons:

  • On-Site Storage
  • Local Moves
  • Building Renovation
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Seasonal Storage
  • School Storage

Whatever your purpose is for your moving container, our goal is to make the renting process as easy as possible. If you tape off your desired drop off location on your property, our team can maneuver it into precise position.

Get information on a Sycamore moving container rental by calling (815) 569-6468 today!

Different Sizes for Different Needs

Go Mini's of Northern Illinois provides 3 different sizes for containers. We are unique among many moving companies in offering a 20-foot option so that you can avoid renting 2 containers when you just need that slight extra bit of room.

  • Our 12-Foot Container is popular for apartments, partial moves, or smaller homes with 2 rooms.
  • Our 16-Foot Container is preferred for homes with 3 to 4 rooms. Larger renovation projects may require this size as well.
  • Our 20-Foot Container is a great fit for large homes with 5 to 7 rooms. They also work well for large-scale relocation projects like business moves.
  • Check out our Container Size Calculator for an estimate of what size may work best for you.

Why Our Storage Units Are Preferable to Shipping Container Rentals

Shipping containers are sometimes a popular choice for on-site storage and relocation. But shipping containers are primarily designed for industrial and commercial freight, not for the needs of homeowners or facilities managers. Our moving containers are crafted to make moving and storage as easy as possible for individuals.

Features that make our mobile units superior to shipping containers:

  • Ventilation for humidity
  • Padded wheels to protect concrete and driveways
  • Eight inches of clearance to prevent flooding while ensuring easy access with no need for a ramp
  • Specially placed tie down points to secure items
  • Built from galvanized steel, which is more resilient to corrosion compared with weathering steel

Call (815) 569-6468 to schedule your next move with a moving container rental in Sycamore. You can also take a moment to read reviews.