Combining Households? Try These Moving and Storage Tips

When it comes to merging households, whether it's through marriage, caring for parents, a temporary stay during house-hunting, or just moving in as roomies, it can be a mix of excitement and challenge. To ensure a smooth shift, effective planning and prep are key. We're diving into practical tips for combined household moves, from planning to unpacking.

Common Combined Household Situations

Before we dive into the details of moving, let's grasp the different scenarios that might bring households together.


Bringing two lives together under one roof is a big deal that usually means twice the stuff and half the space. Adjusting to living with a partner can be tricky, but with some thoughtful planning and compromise, it can also be an exciting new chapter in your relationship.

Tip: Begin by decluttering and organizing things together. Make a list of must-haves for the new place and think about ways to store or donate things you won't use.

Taking Care of an Aging Parent

Many families find themselves deciding whether to bring an aging parent into their home. This change needs thoughtful planning to guarantee safety, comfort, and accessibility in the new living setup.

Tip: When packing and moving, focus on accessibility and safety. Make sure the new place has all the needed accommodations and medical supplies.

Temporary Stay While Building or Searching for a New Home

Whether you're waiting for a new home or on the hunt for your next place, a temporary setup means smart packing and adaptable storage solutions are key. No one wants to unpack and repack multiple times, so planning ahead is crucial.

Tip: Use the opportunity to downsize your belongings and opt for versatile storage options like Go Mini's portable containers. They can be easily delivered for advanced packing and stored with your local Go Mini’s team until you're ready to move into your new home.

Moving in as Roommates

Moving in with roommates means organizing together and making a space that works for everyone's needs and likes. It's a great way to save on expenses and create lasting friendships.

Tip: Before moving in, discuss expectations for shared spaces and storage. Consider creating designated areas for each roommate to store their belongings.

Practical Tips for a Smooth Combined Household Move

Regardless of why you're combining households, here are some practical tips that can help make the transition as smooth as possible.


  • Create a Comprehensive Checklist: Make a detailed list of tasks and deadlines to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

  • Coordinate Responsibilities: Divide tasks among household members to share the workload and promote teamwork.

  • Determine Space and Storage Needs: Measure and plan for the new space to determine which items you'll keep, donate, or store. Consider using portable storage containers like Go Mini's to make moving and storing belongings more convenient.

Packing and Moving

  • Declutter and Organize: Before packing, take the time to declutter and organize belongings together. This will help reduce stress and tension during the move.

  • Use Quality Packing Materials: Invest in sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape to ensure your items are protected during the move.

  • DIY with Portable Storage Containers: Consider opting for a DIY move with portable storage containers. Go Mini's offers affordable and convenient solutions for moving and storing items.

  • Label Everything: Clearly label each box with its contents and designated room for easy unpacking.

  • Pack a "First Night" Box: Pack essentials for the first night in your new home, such as toiletries, bedding, and a change of clothes. This will save you from rummaging through boxes when you're exhausted on moving day.

Pro tip: For more packing tips, check our packing and loading guide!

Unpacking and Settling In

  • Unpack Essentials First: Start unpacking items that are necessary for daily living, such as kitchen and bathroom supplies.

  • Be Flexible and Compromise: It's important to remember that combining households means merging different styles and preferences. Be willing to compromise and find compromises that work for everyone.

  • Take Your Time: Unpacking can be overwhelming, so pace yourself and celebrate small victories along the way.

  • Create a Joint Organization System: Establish an organization system together that works for the whole household to maintain a tidy and functional living space.

Why Go Mini's is Ideal for Combined Household Moves

Go Mini's provides a handy and budget-friendly solution for merging households. With our portable storage containers, you can pack and store your stuff at your own pace, making the move smoother and less hectic. Our containers are weatherproof, safe, and available in different sizes to suit your needs. Plus, with our flexible delivery options, we can move your container to your new place or keep it stored until you're ready to unpack.

Go Mini's offers a range of benefits that make it the perfect solution for combined household moves. Here's why:

  • Affordability: With flexible rental choices, Go Mini's offers budget-friendly storage solutions for short-term and long-term needs, catering to different budgets.

  • Flexibility: The versatility of Go Mini's containers allows for convenient loading and unloading at your own pace, minimizing the stress of time-sensitive moves.

  • Storage Options: Besides helping with the move, Go Mini's containers also double up as secure storage units, making it a smooth transition for households merging their belongings.

Combining households can be a game-changer, so it's key to plan well for a smooth move. And with Go Mini's, you can make the process more manageable and affordable. Our portable storage containers provide flexibility, convenience, and versatile storage options for all your combined household needs. So why wait? Get a free instant quote today to learn more about how Go Mini's can help with your next move.

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