One Container, Complete Convenience

Westchester Moving Containers

Looking for an efficient moving company that can handle your busy, ever-changing schedule? Look no further than Go Mini's of Westchester County, NY. Throughout the moving process, we understand that timelines need to be adjusted and it’s not always easy to estimate the amount of space you’ll need when loading up to relocate. Having the ability to be flexible can make all the difference in relieving a large source of your moving stress.

Luckily, we’ve created a process that is so unlike other moving companies, you’ll never worry about hiring help again. Designed to keep your worldly possessions safe on your schedule, our moving containers combine the usefulness of a storage container and moving truck, without you having to drive.

To learn more or have your questions answered, reach out to our Westchester portable moving container company today at(914) 752-2197.

Benefits of Our Moving Containers

Choose What You Need

No matter how much space you need, we have three sizes of storage containers that offer the flexibility you’re looking for. Choose from our 12-, 16-, and 20-foot units, depending on how much room you need. A quick phone call with one of our trained professionals will leave you feeling confident that you’ve selected the option that’s best for your situation. Don’t have time for another phone call? Give our sizing calculator a try.

Relax, We’re On Our Way

Let us know where to be and when. We’ll show up with your portable moving storage container and leave it securely in place for you to load at your leisure. You’re not limited on time – fill the container at your own pace. Whether you need to keep it at your location for a day, a week, a month, or even longer, we’re happy to accommodate! Not sure how long you’ll need it? That’s okay, too. Our reservations are open-ended.

You’re In Control

When you’re ready for your unit to move, give us a call. Whether you need the container relocated to your new home or stored at our secure facility, you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll arrive at your home or business and carefully transport your Go Mini’s container from Point A to Point B.

Much like when you loaded the container with your possessions, take your time unloading as well. We work at your pace, not the other way around.

Keep Your Items Safe with Go Mini's of Westchester County, NY

Beyond the flexibility we offer to property owners, we’re a top choice for those seeking reliable protection for their valuables.

The superior design of our moving storage containers provides peace of mind not often found when moving:

  • Padded wheels keep your driveway scuff-free and make for a smoother ride for your possessions.
  • Tie-down railings allow you to secure large or heavy items, preventing damaging shifts within the container.
  • Galvanized steel exterior prevents corrosion, keeping the entire container safe from the elements.
  • Steel-welded framing provides the ultimate support for your container and valuables.
  • Elevated containers keep all items several inches off the ground, preventing water seepage while still being low enough for easy loading without a ramp.
  • Ventilation and pressure-treated flooring minimize moisture build-up and humidity.
  • Storage options allow you to choose exactly what you’d prefer – keep the moving container at your property, have it relocated to your new property, or store it at our climate-controlled indoor facility.

Choosing our moving containers instead of a traditional moving company in Westchester will be one of the best decisions you make. We’re invested in providing simplicity in your personalized moving service, offering you more flexibility and control. Trust in our local experts to make your next move easy.

For maximum convenience with your next move, consider a local moving container from Go Mini's of Westchester County, NY. Call (914) 752-2197 or get an instant online quotetoday!