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Winter Storage Facilties in Westchester

What storage options are best during cold weather months?

  • Inside your home

  • Outdoors

  • Portable Storage

  • Storage Facilities


This article explores the pros and cons of the most common storage options used by our friends and neighbors in Westchester County and the greater Hudson Valley region. While the storage options available to you may vary based on your home type and budget needs, we hope you find some of the tips below helpful.

Inside your home

Before you go packing items into every nook and cranny of your home, consider the climate controls you have in that area. What we mean by that is to think about how cold or hot the area might get as well as how damp or dry. There are many antique or heirloom items that are sensitive to moisture that can become permanently damaged by too much or too little humidity.  Things like summer clothes and decor are much more flexible in where they can be stored compared to items such as leather goods.

Place a label on the outside of each box or tape a sheet of paper describing the contents for easier locating later.

Pests can be a concern when storing items in quiet less-used areas of your home. Before storing any items inspect the area carefully for signs of nests or waste matter and proceed with the proper remediation methods. Grab a flashlight and really take a good look. If you are unsure of anything you see, call professional pest control for a thorough inspection.


Crawlspaces or attic areas near the top of your home are mostly used for easy-to-carry lighter items such as clothing, luggage, and decorations. Heavier items should go into smaller boxes. Lighter items can be combined into larger boxes. You’ll thank us for that reminder when you’re done carrying up box after box! Any plastic bins you use should have tightly fitting lids and be free of cracks. Do not stack storage containers higher than the manufacturer advises generally two to three containers high.


Basement storage is made safer with metal racks to help keep items up and further away from any potential water damage. Metal racks won’t warp if exposed to water. Plastic pallets are also a popular long-lasting option for this reason. Bags or tubs of desiccant can help reduce minor moisture issues and so can dehumidifiers if you don’t already have these climate controls built into your central air system.



Whether you have a shed, barn, or a nice clean garage, you probably have more than enough items such as heavy large equipment and vehicles already in that space. Storing items in your garage is similar to storing items in your basement in that it may get cold and wet. Fuel and other flammable materials should be stored in fire safety cabinets or at a distance from your home and any heat sources.

Portable Storage

Storage containers as big as the back of a moving truck make it super convenient to pack and load at your own pace. At GO MINI’S we deliver, you load, we pick up. Remove the stress of driving. Our containers come in 3 sizes: 12’foot, 16’foot, and 20’foot. All sizes are 8 feet wide and have just one easy 8 inch step up/down to facilitate loading and unloading. GO MINI’S are engineered to protect your belongings and your driveway for as long as you need on-site storage. What makes portable storage unique is we can move the container when it’s empty or full. This makes portable storage a cost-effective on-demand solution for all kinds of DIY projects such as decluttering, remodeling, restoration, extra space for retail businesses, pop-up shopping events, local moves, and more!

Storage Facilities

You may have noticed that not all storage facilities are equal. It’s a good idea to visit the storage facility before committing to a rental space. Some offer climate control, some don’t. And they all have different levels of cleanliness, security, and customer service. Your space might be near a door or it could be far in a corner that’s harder to get to. Choosing the storage facility that works best for you may come down to which would involve the least amount of traveling back and forth.

If you have antiques and higher-value collectibles you might decide the storage facility with the best climate control and security is the right space for you. For long-term storage of higher-value items, there’s also the option of storing with a local moving company at their warehouse which should carry insurance based on your detailed inventory. They may offer a service to wrap and protect your items for you which can bring additional peace of mind.


When you GO the portable storage route, you can think of GO MINI’S as your own personal Mini warehouse and pro driver team. Got a project? Get a Mini! Call or fill out our short online form for your instant quote.

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