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Four No-Fail Home Organization Resolutions

Want to get organized in 2018? Setting a New Year’s resolution is a great way to stay on track by creating specific goals. These are our four favorite home organization related resolutions. Borrow the ones that strike a chord to get on the path to an orderly lifestyle.

1. Downsize Belongings

The fewer unused items in a home, the more organized the space will be. Some organizing experts swear by the rule of three: for every new item brought into the home, three old things must be removed. This guideline can create an especially powerful effect during the holiday season when we’re beset with gifted candles and body lotions. The items that are kept should have a specific spot within the home and be put away when not in use. Items you want to keep but don’t regularly need can be moved to a storage container so that they are not underfoot and creating clutter.

2. Create a System

Breaking home organization into daily, weekly, and monthly checklists can help make sense of a daunting task. Getting into the routine of doing certain chores at a certain time keeps the home cleaner overall and prevents a backlog of laundry or a sink full of dishes from developing.

3. Label Everything

It’s much easier to decorate the home for Christmas or get summer sports equipment out of storage when boxes are labeled. This year, take time to put things away thoughtfully, labeling each box so it can easily be located. Tech-savvy homeowners might even create a searchable spreadsheet with instructions like, “Christmas decorations, three boxes in the basement.”

4. Develop a Family Calendar

Whether digital or on paper, resolve to keep better track of social commitments. Families who feel like they’re always rushing around might be surprised at how much they actually do when it’s written down. Just as downsizing belongings can assist with organization, carving out time for family and relaxation is an excellent way to feel more refreshed and improve quality of life.

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