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A Perfect Fit: Which Size Storage Unit Is Right for You?

Whether across town, across the country, or across the world, moving is never an easy task. On top of that, movers have to find a portable storage container to transfer their possessions—with seemingly endless brands, sizes, and features to choose from! But finding a moving container doesn’t have to be stressful. These techniques can help anyone looking to move or store their possessions find the right size container for their needs.

Take Inventory

Before reserving a moving container, the first step is to take inventory of possessions in the home. Larger items, like furniture and appliances, should be measured for the most accurate size estimate. It’s also important to closely estimate the number of boxes required to avoid renting a container that’s too large or too small.

During this time, it’s crucial to note anything unusual that should be taken into account, whether shipping the moving container or using it for storage. This might include items such as paintings, paperwork, or something else that may require temperature control. Antiques or oddly shaped items may also require special consideration. The inventory process is also a great time to sell or donate any unused or unwanted items before the big move!

Consider the Types of Items

Transporting possessions from one location to another isn’t quite as simple as moving it all into a container. Even if all of the items will fit into one container, it’s important to think about what items can be shipped or stored together and which ones should be separated. For example, no one wants their beautiful, expensive living room set to be right next to the dirty lawnmower and patio furniture! Some people may want to break up the items or cover them with moving blankets, while others may choose to use an additional container instead.

Ask the Experts

The good news? The person moving doesn’t have to figure out which size container they need all on their own! Companies like Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage have local portable storage specialists who can assist those who aren’t sure which size container to choose. Since they help people find the right size container for moving or storage every day, they can give an accurate estimate of how much space someone will need based on their current home size and special needs.

Contact a local Go Mini’s® facility today to reserve your container. For added convenience, you can use their online storage calculator to get a size estimate right now!

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