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Four Easy Steps for Organizing and Storing Holiday Decorations

The holidays are over, and alas, the decorations await return to their eleven annual months in storage. But where to begin? Holiday organization might seem a daunting task, but a few easy steps can simplify the process.

Start Sorting

One of the simplest ways to start is by taking the decorations and placing them all on one surface. Then, start sorting. This can be done by color, theme, or sentimental value—whatever works best. Once everything has been divided up, cheap organization tools like plastic sandwich bags and zip ties can keep things in one place.

Invest in Ornament Boxes

Most ornaments and decorations come with boxes that can be used for storage, but if these aren’t available or are too flimsy, then hard plastic boxes with dividers can be purchased for safe storage. For smaller ornaments, egg cartons are an easy (and eco-friendly) solution. For large or awkwardly shaped ornaments, leftover tissue paper from gift wrapping works well to prevent breakage. Used wrapping paper can be used, as well. Then, the items can be packed into cardboard boxes or small containers with lids.

Tote It

Large plastic totes are a holiday organization pro’s best friend. Ornament boxes, lights, packaged decorations, and everything else that has been sorted and boxed can be organized neatly into bigger totes. That way, there are significantly fewer containers to store, and the sturdiness of plastic tote boxes provides extra protection. Additionally, plastic totes fit neatly into portable storage containers.

Store It Safely

Now that everything is packed up, it’s time to talk about safe, secure storage. Containers from Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage serve as the perfect solution. With many advantages over traditional storage, the climate-controlled containers come in three convenient sizes, so there’s a container for every need (and every holiday). Valued customers have the option of keeping the weatherproof containers at home or at a convenient Go Mini’s® location.

Holiday organization doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is starting with the basics and relying on safe, long-term storage. Go Mini’s® is the perfect option for the final step. It’s not just organization and storage; it’s convenience in the form of a container. Contact us for a quote!

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