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Blythewood Portable Storage Containers

When you choose to store large and oversized personal or business items for an extended period, there are several things you have to consider, including the timeline, cost, and security. Most people don’t want to be rushed into packing possessions, want to avoid paying excessive prices, and need to know their belongings are safe.

With Go Mini's of Columbia, SC we ensure you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a durable portable storage container. Our courteous team in Blythewood listens to your preferences and presents viable options that work for your moving or storage needs. We offer container options that hold up to six bedrooms worth of furniture and belongings.

Let us help make your local move smoother with containers that safeguard your possessions from theft and damage. You can keep the mobile container on your property or store it in our off-site facility, where it’s monitored in a temperature-controlled and secure location.

If you’re ready to take advantage of various storage solutions, call (803) 590-6845 and request a free quote today!

Various Portable Storage Container Sizes Available

Our galvanized steel storage containers are designed to protect your commercial or personal items from dirt and dust, moisture damage, and criminal activity. We’ve also retrofitted our containers with rubber wheels for easy mobility.

You can choose from:

  • 12-Foot Containers – Do you have a studio apartment or small two-bedroom home that needs to be cleared out? We offer a 12-foot portable storage container to house your personal possessions.
  • 16-Foot Containers – Our 16-foot storage container can safely accommodate a two to four-bedroom home or small office.
  • 20-Foot Containers – As our largest storage and moving container, our 20-foot unit is 29% cubic feet larger than the biggest PODS® unit. It can easily hold up to six bedrooms worth of furniture or business equipment.

Our container options are moisture-treated and properly ventilated to ensure your items don’t grow mold or come out smelling musty. Whether you need to store belongings to prepare for a residential or commercial renovation, keep sensitive documents secure, or ensure a damage-free move, we’re the team to help!

Why Blythewood Customers Prefer Us for Local Moves

Can you imagine moving your personal belongings from point A to point B without guaranteeing they’ll safely get to their destination?

No one wants to worry about potentially delicate or sentimental possessions being ruined. Fortunately, our Blythewood portable storage containers offer various benefits that make a local move easy and virtually stress-free.


Are you tired of feeling rushed when you’re in the middle of a move? We want you to pack at your leisure to get your belongings loaded properly to avoid damage. Traditional movers may be on a schedule, requiring them to roughly handle your possessions. At Go Mini’s, you’re in complete control of your timeline.


Convenience is one of the most important reasons customers choose our portable storage containers over other companies. We ensure every aspect of the rental process and your moving experience with us is accommodating and makes moving a breeze.


While we have some of the largest storage containers in the industry, we don’t charge an arm and a leg to utilize our services. We offer upfront and straightforward monthly storage and daily moving prices that suit your budget.

Easy Renting Process

Our rental process is so easy that it can be broken down into three simple parts: The initial communication, streamlining of the final details, and dropping off/picking up the container. We want as little fuss as possible regarding your moving or storage experience with us.

Go Mini’s Vs. Traditional Moving Companies

Hiring a traditional mover usually involves working out a schedule, finalizing and confirming all the information, and signing an iron-clad contract. Standard moving companies have to stay on a tight schedule because they have other customers who need their assistance. Plus, moving trucks can take up a lot of space on your street, inconveniencing your neighbors and other drivers trying to get through.

With Go Mini's of Columbia, SC, you don’t have to worry about blocking access to your street, working around stringent deadlines, or relying on other people to secure your belongings. You have complete control of every aspect of your moving experience, from where and when your portable storage container is dropped off to how long you need to keep it. There’s never any rush to get your items inside the unit or return it when you’re done.

Trust Our Blythewood Container Specialists for Stress-Free Options

When you need affordable, durable, convenient, and easy moving and storage alternatives, turn to the team that partners with you. We’re your local container experts, ready to offer exceptional solutions, viable recommendations, and peace of mind.

Call (803) 590-6845 for more information or request your free quote now!

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