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Portable Storage Units Rentals for Ridgeway South Carolina

On-Site Storage Containers

Would you prefer more storage possibilities in your office or at your home? Or are you preparing to relocate significantly inside the city? There is just one place to look: Go Mini's of Columbia, SC!

We are conscious of how challenging and time-consuming it may be to move or store your belongings safely. With quick, easy, and affordable portable moving choices to make your life easier on the go, Go Mini's of Columbia, SC is built to give you more than our competitors.


Options for simple portable storage

At Go Mini's of Columbia, SC , we provide portable and useful storage choices that were developed with your moving needs in mind. In comparison to doing it yourself or hiring a moving truck, we are typically considerably more affordable and useful.


1. We transport your mobile storage unit anywhere you need it and deliver your portable storage container.

2. Your mobile storage box has everything you need to store or travel! This can be loaded at your own time, and you can leave it open until it's done.

3. After your container is loaded and secured, a driver who has received professional training and certification will deliver it to the location where you'll need it most.

4. We can always store it until you are ready to unload if you don't have a new site available.

We did state that it would be rather easy. Our main objective is to minimize your problems while maximizing your storage space.


Making the big move, whether it's into your dream home or a different location for your business, can be tremendously stressful. The decision of whether to hire a moving truck or a portable storage container can be difficult, but it shouldn't be.

Renting a portable container is one of the most shrewd decisions you can make when moving. You might find that a portable storage unit will help you move more quickly and conveniently than you could using traditional moving methods.

The following are some benefits of using a mobile storage container rather than a more traditional moving truck:

Convenience - Moving vehicles are usually less affordable than portable storage containers. We'll take the container right to you, saving you the inconvenience of a truck pickup, as well as pick up the container when you're ready and deliver it to your new location so it's there waiting for you when you arrive. You only need to help with the loading and unloading; a moving staff or even a group of friends may handle the rest.

Storage - If you need some time before you unload your belongings from the container, we would be happy to safely keep it for you for a short while. We give you more options so you won't need to spend money on a moving truck every day.

Flexibility - We offer straightforward, scalable solutions for you and your belongings. You may take as much time as you need to load or unload your items. We will always help by presenting choices that are appropriate for you and your situation!

We keep offering our customers tried-and-true options for portable storage containers that protect their time, money, and belongings!

Our team members periodically undergo training and certification to carry and deliver our mobile storage units in Ridgeway. Our mobile storage containers are designed to protect your treasured belongings as well!


Whatever the situation, we want to make sure that you always have options for portable storage to make the process even easier, whether you are moving your entire home or business. With 3 length options, we are likely to have a size that fits you!

For storage capacity containers, we offer three different lengths:

12 feet - Can fit one or two rooms' worth of furniture.

16 feet - Suitable for two or three rooms' worth of furniture.

20 feet - Can fit up to six rooms' worth of furnishings.

We offer 20-foot containers, in fact, and are the only national portable storage franchise to do so.

Customize Your Mobile Storage Unit

At Go Mini's of Columbia, SC, we understand that every storage need is unique. That's why we offer customizable mobile storage units to fit your specific requirements. Whether you're moving, renovating, or just need extra storage space, our Ridgeway South Carolina customers can choose from a variety of sizes and features to create a personalized storage solution.

Benefits of customizing your mobile storage unit include:

  • Optimizing space for your belongings
  • Flexibility to add shelves, racks, or other organizational tools
  • Ensuring secure and safe storage for fragile items
  • Convenient access with roll-up doors and ground-level loading
  • Peace of mind with lockable units and weather-resistant construction


We take great pride in being able to offer short-term storage solutions that are designed to protect your belongings and your money. Renting a mobile storage container has the following additional benefits:

Ventilation - Each container is equipped with the ventilation tools required to keep your belongings safe from problems like mold and mildew.

Your biggest and most valuable possessions can be safely stored in our storage containers because they are 8 feet tall.

Galvanized steel is used to create these storage containers, which are expertly crafted. In order to prevent flooding, our containers are raised 8 inches from the ground and have cushioned wheels.

We continue to offer some of the most useful and affordable portable storage units in Ridgeway. Whether you're relocating across town or simply looking for more storage alternatives at the office, we continue to offer cutting-edge storage solutions that will minimize the stress and inconvenience of finishing your tasks and jobs in Ridgeway.

Are you trying to find inexpensive portable storage units? To begin, call us at (803) 590-6845 or click here.

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