One Container, Complete Convenience

Portable Storage Units in Denham Springs

A Smart Alternative to Moving Truck Rentals

Are you preparing for a local move or planning to renovate or restore your home? You'll need a moving and storage solution to keep your furniture and other belongings secure and protected. Renting a truck from a Denham Springs moving company can get expensive fast, between the truck rental itself and add-ons such as hours of use, gas, mileage, and more. Similarly, traditional self-storage units in Denham Springs can be costly and inconvenient, depending on how long you need it, amenities like security and temperature control, and access hours. Instead, consider our mobile storage container rentals for convenient, temporary, secure storage.

At Go Mini's of Baton Rouge, LA, our portable storage containers offer a simple way to pack up your things and store them on your property until you’re ready to move. You can take as much time as you need with the storage container; there’s no time limit. Once you’re ready for us to collect it, you call and we pick it up and haul it to your desired location, or take it away if you're done with it. Our process is designed to be completely stress-free and convenient for you.

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Our 3-Step Storage Container Rental Process

Need a little more information about how our process works? Take a look at our quick service process and explanations on how we deliver, pick up, and haul away possessions securely. Regardless of when or why you need a mobile container, we’ll be there to assist you.

Our three-step storage container rental process includes:

  1. Delivery: The first step in our rental process includes delivery, which is facilitated after you call us and let us know you want to rent one of our mobile storage containers. We provide you with three storage options, including 12-, 16-, and 20-foot containers. We can discuss which option best suits your needs and deliver it at your earliest convenience. Our storage containers are low to the ground with padded wheels for easy access and zero damage to your property when they’re delivered.
  2. Loading (you handle): After delivery, you can take as long as you need to load your items. Keep the storage container for 3 days or 30 days—there’s no rush on our end. The convenience of using our portable units for moving storage is that you can keep them for several months in anticipation of your move, which works for us! We won’t pick up the unit and relocate it until you tell us you’re ready. Some customers even prefer our portable containers as storage for restoration projects, and that’s fine by us too!
  3. Pick-up and hauling: We will only get the mobile storage unit when you call us to schedule a pick-up. Whether you fill it from front to back and top to bottom or only halfway, it’s up to you! We can take it to your new location or our storage facility to keep it for a low monthly fee.

Moving Containers Versus Rental Trucks

Choosing a rental truck for your move can present a host of issues that aren’t conducive to a stress-free process. The rental truck process isn’t necessarily designed for convenience and doesn’t always put the customer’s best interests first. Using moving containers from Go Mini's of Baton Rouge, LA can help you unlock all the advantages and avoid all the pitfalls of using rental trucks.

Some reasons a Denham Springs moving container should be your first choice include:

  • Better costs: We never hit you with hidden charges, so you know the price of our service upfront. A rental truck may incur unknown costs, like the price of fuel and extra mileage charges that show up on the final bill.
  • Better ventilation: Our mobile storage containers are ventilated to reduce moisture and humidity. They also have 8 inches of ground clearance to prevent water damage. Most of the time, moving trucks are not vented and may leak during rainstorms, potentially ruining your possessions.
  • Better security: If your concern is the safety and security of your personal items during a move or renovation, portable storage units are the solution. Made of the strongest gauge steel with sealed floors, our storage containers are designed for strength.
  • Better timelines: Renting a truck almost always comes with rushed loading and unloading to ensure the truck is returned in the allotted timeframe. This process is not intended to accommodate your schedule. With Go Mini’s mobile units, we never rush you or require you to return the container at an appointed time. Rent our containers months in advance and take as much time as you need!

When you need storage for renovations, moving, or almost anything else, our portable storage containers in Denham Springs are the smart solution!

Call us at (225) 314-7858 or request a free, no-obligation quote for convenient storage solutions in Denham Springs.