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Top Commercial Storage in Baton Rouge

Flexible Commercial Storage Containers in Baton Rouge

Whether you're renovating your office or need temporary storage for your business, Go Mini's of Baton Rouge has the perfect solution for you. Our storage containers cater to various commercial needs, including remodeling, seasonal inventory, damage restoration, and temporary storage.

Companies that have benefited from our services include:

  • Shipping Companies: Go Mini's is an excellent option for businesses that ship goods within the state. Utilize our large portable containers to maximize your shipments and let our professional drivers handle the delivery.
  • Retail Businesses: Store excess inventory in our portable storage containers. Our units feature pressure-treated flooring and proper ventilation, and we can even store them at our climate-controlled, secure facility.
  • Moving Companies: Make your customers' moves easy with our 12-, 16-, and 20-foot containers equipped with padded wheels and tie-down railings for smooth and safe transportation.
  • Construction Companies: Keep a portable storage unit onsite during construction projects to have tools and equipment readily available without constant back-and-forth hauling.

Choose from our three sizing options to match your specific needs. If you're unsure, feel free to call us at (225) 314-7858 or Book online!

6 Innovative Uses for Business Storage in Baton Rouge

No matter the type of business you run, Go Mini's of Baton Rouge's portable storage containers have a use for you.

Here are 6 ways businesses use our commercial storage units:

  1. Preparing for a Remodel: When it comes time to renovate your office or commercial space, our storage containers offer a secure location to house your furniture, equipment, and valuable assets. This not only protects your items from potential damage during the remodel but also frees up space for construction crews to work more efficiently.
  2. Overstock Storage: Businesses often have surplus inventory that needs secure storage. Our containers provide an excellent solution for this, allowing you to manage your overstock effectively without cluttering your primary workspace.
  3. Supply Storage Before Events: Organizing a corporate event involves many moving parts, including managing supplies and materials ahead of time. With our storage containers, you can safely store everything you need in advance, ensuring a smooth and successful event.
  4. Storing Files & Records: For businesses that must maintain physical documents, our containers offer a safe and secure environment for file and record storage. You can rest easy knowing your critical paperwork is protected and easily accessible when needed.
  5. Temporary Office Space: In need of temporary office space? Our storage containers can be quickly transformed into functional offices, providing a cost-effective solution during periods of transition or growth.
  6. Storing Valuables During Damage Restoration: In the unfortunate event of a disaster, protecting your valuables becomes a top priority. Our storage containers serve as a safe haven for your assets while your primary space undergoes restoration.

Your imagination is the only limit. Say goodbye to shuffling boxes around or disassembling furniture for extra space. Our smart commercial storage solutions are perfect for moving, renovating, or onsite storage.

Why Go Mini's is Your Best Choice for Storage in Baton Rouge

At Go Mini's, we believe in a "move at your own pace" policy. Rent a container for exactly as long as you need, be it a week, a month, or more.

Our containers offer convenience and versatility:

  • Elevated 8" from the ground, eliminating the need for a ramp while preventing water seepage.
  • Solid construction with steel-welded siding for extra protection.
  • Galvanized steel exterior with factory-baked paint overlay to prevent sweating.
  • Professional drivers deliver and pick up your container as marked for hassle-free handling.
  • Proper insulation to protect from the elements.
  • More usable space inside our units by cubic feet compared to competitors.
  • Regular cleaning and inspection for exceptional performance.

Go Mini's of Baton Rouge is a locally owned storage container business with national backing and over 15 years of experience helping business owners. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges; we offer transparent, upfront pricing. Read some of our awesome reviews to learn more about our top-notch customer service!

Ready for Hassle-Free Storage? Get an instant quote online or call us at (225) 314-7858 for Baton Rouge's premier commercial storage solutions!

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