One Container, Complete Convenience

Moving Containers in Newtown, CT

Weatherproof Moving Containers Made of Quality Materials

With Go Mini's of Northern Fairfield and Litchfield Counties, storing your belongings and/or securely moving your possessions across town has never been easier. By renting our moving containers, you will wisely avoid overspending on expensive moving truck companies and instead reap the many perks of our affordable and user-friendly options.

Resting on wheels that are padded to ensure no marks are left on your property, our moving containers can be dropped off anywhere –a parking spot, curb, lawn, or in a garage. Just mark off the area where you want the moving container to go and, so long as the space is legal and accessible by vehicle, we’ll make it happen. Once you have loaded everything into the portable container, you are free to keep it at the current location for as long as you want. Upon request, our team can also store it at our well-protected facility or move it to its next destination.

Our flexible rental policies allow you to "move at your own pace." Built with galvanized steel frames, steel sidings, and a heavy-duty locking system, our protected containers mean you will never have to worry about break-ins or mold. Fully insulated by materials resistant to both moisture and heat, your possessions will be kept safe and in excellent condition.

Intelligently Designed Moving Containers

Our moving containers are smartly crafted in a way that makes loading and unloading easy. With railings, tie-down points, and 8-foot ceilings, we provide ample headspace and functional aids to help you organize and tightly fasten your belongings. Getting in and out is also very simple, with each container elevated less than a foot above the ground. When choosing our containers, you will no longer need to struggle with the skinny ramps of moving trucks or strenuously lift bulky items several feet off the ground.

At Go Mini's of Northern Fairfield and Litchfield Counties, we offer moving containers in three versatile sizes:

  1. 12-feet – The ideal size for packing up a single work office, small apartment, or dorm.
  2. 16-feet – Perfect for medium-sized moves, you can expect this container size to fit up to four fully furnished rooms worth of belongings.
  3. 20-feet – Our biggest size, this container provides more square footage of storage space than the largest moving container offered by most competitors, including PODS®. With our 20-foot container, you can fit up to seven fully furnished rooms.

If you are moving to a new residence, office, apartment, condo, or business location, our moving containers can make your life simpler and save you money at the same time. To better understand which container size works best for your specific moving situation, check out our online storage calculator today!

For an instant quote, give our team a call at (203) 601-7626 orcontact us online!