How Do I Move with Plants?

Moving with Houseplants

If you're a plant mom or dad, we know how worried you may be about transporting them during your upcoming move. Plants can be finicky when it comes to environmental changes, and as a professional moving company, we've seen far too many homeowners lose their houseplants during a move.

Avoid the heartache of losing your favorite greenery by following these tips from the Go Mini's team:

Use Proper Packaging

When it comes to plants, the right packaging can make all the difference. Be sure to use sturdy boxes that are big enough for your plants so that they have room to breathe. And, for the same reason, try to avoid stuffing too many plants into one box.

Wrap newspaper, old towels, or bubble wrap around the base of your plant's pot to make it stable and snug in the box. This will help avoid tips and spills during transport.

Take Extra Care

In general, we recommend transporting plants in your car rather than in your moving container. This will allow you to keep an eye on them and gives them more sunlight and breathing room.

On moving day, be sure to keep an eye on your plants and check on them often. Give them one last water before packing them up.

Help Them Adjust

After you've settled into your new place, give your plants some extra TLC to help them adjust. Start by carefully unpacking them and watering them if necessary. Your new home may have different windows and levels of sunlight. Try to adjust placement as needed to avoid giving your houseplants too much or too little light.

Hopefully, your plants will begin to thrive in their new home in no time!

Make sure there's plenty of room in your car for the plants and get your portable moving container from Go Mini's for your upcoming move! Contact your local Go Mini's today to learn more about our services.