Items to Put in Each Moving Box

If you’ve ever moved or you’re planning to relocate soon, you know that packing is one of the biggest parts of the moving process. It can be quite overwhelming when you are trying to pack up your entire life into boxes, but Site:BusinessName} is here to share some tips with you to relieve you of your stress.

If you’re new to the moving process or you want to be more organized with packing this time around, this blog is for you. We’ll be sharing some tips with you to make sure your precious belongings are packed into their boxes correctly to avoid any damaged items.

Here’s What to Put in Each Moving Box Size

Small Boxes

Although the boxes are small, don’t let their appearance fool you! Small boxes aren’t actually meant for your least-heavy items. They are best for items that are physically small but heavier in weight. So, when packing up your belongings, make sure you pack items such as small appliances, canned goods, books, and smaller glassware in these boxes. Since the boxes are smaller, this will give the items less room to shift around in the boxes which helps prevent damage.

Medium Boxes

Similar to small boxes, don’t let the medium boxes fool you because of their appearance! Although they are bigger than the smaller boxes, medium boxes typically shouldn’t have more than 65 lbs worth of items in them. If you try to stuff as many belongings as you can in the medium-sized boxes, you can risk hurting yourself due to the weight. Smaller household items such as kitchenware, blenders, coffee makers, toys, and other miscellaneous items are perfect for medium boxes.

Large and Extra Large Boxes

You might think to yourself that large and extra-large boxes should have big, heavy items in them. However, large and extra-large boxes are best for bigger, lighter items. Items such as pillows, towels, lampshades, and bulkier pieces of clothing fit best in the larger boxes. You can also store thick comforters and seasonal clothing that you typically only bring out during the fall and winter months in these boxes.

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