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Four Quick Tips for Yard Sale Success

As spring approaches, yard sale season is in full swing. Those who are spring cleaning in preparation for a move or simply to declutter can make some quick cash by selling unused items to neighborhood bargain hunters. Before posting those flyers, try these yard sale tips to ensure a successful day.

1. Choose the Right Location

Homeowners who live on secluded streets or in areas where it’s tough to pull over should consider partnering with a friend who lives in a more well-traveled area. After all, more foot and vehicle traffic means more opportunities to unload the family heirlooms taking up valuable garage space. As a bonus, multi-family sales are more likely to draw customers.

2. Pick a Date

Selecting the right day and time of year for the event is one of the most important yard sale tips. This will depend on the local climate, but in most areas of the U.S., late spring and early fall are safe bets. Saturday sales tend to be the biggest money-makers, but those with lots of inventory can even opt for a multi-day Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday sale.

3. Start Early

While 8 a.m. on a Saturday might sound early enough, yard sale pros tend to head out at the crack of dawn. Capture these early birds by opening for business no later than 6 a.m. The early rise will be worth the early buys!

4. Price Correctly

The most valuable yard sale tips are those that emphasize the importance of the right price. Everything at the sale should be a bargain. Many yard sale pros swear by the 50-30-10 rule of thumb: new items should be priced at half their original cost, slightly used items at 30 percent of the retail price, and used items at 10 percent.

Preparing for a yard sale can be arduous, but a portable storage container from Go Mini’s® is a great resource. Whether it’s used to store items that need to be moved or to organize sale items so they can be sorted and priced, our containers come in three sizes that are perfect for yard sale use. Call us at 1-866-466-4647 and simply decide when the container should be dropped off, and our local team will bring it to your location.

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