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Got a Green Thumb? Here’s How to Successfully Move Your Houseplants

Houseplants require an investment of money, time, and the care for another living thing. Homeowners with houseplant collections often wouldn’t dream of leaving their greenery behind in a move, but common moving tips typically don’t cover how to transport plants across the region or nation safely. Here’s what those with a green thumb need to know about moving with houseplants.Various house plants

Plant Preparation and Planning

Make sure plants are in their best health a few weeks before the move by pruning dead branches and leaves. In the final week, remove dust, pests, and weeds that are present. Plants that have pests should be quarantined and treated before bringing them to a new location. Plants in heavy pots should be transferred to lightweight plastic planters for the move. When moving to a new state, make sure that the houseplants in question can be transported across state lines, since some areas have bans on specific plant species.

Specific Travel Conditions

When possible, it’s best to move plants in a climate-controlled environment, such as an air-conditioned vehicle. Water plants well throughout the journey and bring them inside the hotel or motel if an overnight stop is planned. When flying to a new destination, avoid relying on a moving company to transport plants. In fact, many movers refuse to do so. Instead, many moving tips recommend shipping unpotted plants through the mail. Wrap the roots in a wet towel, then with plastic, and pack tightly with newspaper and bubble wrap in a box labeled as “fragile.” Choose a separate size-appropriate box for each plant. Pack plants last and unpack them first when you arrive at the new destination.

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