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Summer Storage Tips for College Students

When late May and June arrive, graduation ceremonies dominate college campuses across the U.S. So, also, does the exodus of students heading home for the summer. Read on to learn more about summer storage for students’ possessions until their return in the fall.

Select a Place of Storage

Start small and figure accordingly. Exactly how much space will be required to store books, computers, bedding, winter clothes, furniture, and kitchenware? It is worth considering a self-storage facility like Go Mini’s®, which offers monthly rentals ideal for college students on limited budgets with short-term needs.

Separate Unnecessary Items From Summer Staples

When packing to leave campus, be sure to bring home all spring and summer clothes, accessories, and jewelry. The same is true of any computers, printers, and devices that may be needed at home. Meanwhile, decide on the method of summer storage for all large items and extras, including furniture, bedding, and kitchenware.

Organize Books, Clothing, and Kitchen Items Carefully

Store books flat in boxes to avoid damaging their spines. Pack clothing in clear plastic or new cardboard boxes. Place winter coats, heavy blankets, and quilts in wardrobe boxes. Use bubble wrap for kitchen plates, dishes, and glasses, with filler material between spaces when stacking in boxes. Use filler material for the final inch at the top of a filled box, then seal firmly with packing tape.

Clean All Appliances First

Make sure to properly clean all appliances before placing them in the summer storage unit. Leave the door of a mini-refrigerator open for airflow. Each box should be labeled on its top and all four sides with its contents to prevent mishandling during transport or heavy stacking while in storage. Also, make an inventory list of all items, the box in which they are stored, and the location of each box in the storage unit so that when summer is over, they’ll be easy to find.

Choose Monthly Storage With Go Mini’s®

Go Mini’s® portable storage containers are routinely used for moving, renovating, and storage. These are steel, ventilated containers that come in 12′, 16′, and 20′ sizes that are available at more than 200 locations throughout the U.S. State-of-the-art security ensures that the contents of each are safe and secure, all summer long. Please call Go Mini’s® at 1-866-466-4647.

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