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To Store, or Not to Store: Tips for Deciding What to Keep and What to Throw Out

When moving, renovating, or simply decluttering, a portable storage container is a great tool for staying organized and protecting belongings. But which items should be stored, and which should be sold, donated, or thrown away? The fate of each item depends on several factors, such as sentimental value, frequency of use, and size. The following tips should make deciding whether something stays or goes a little easier.

Just Getting Rid of It

It wouldn’t be smart to throw out Grandma’s old jewelry box, the bed, or the toaster everyone uses at breakfast each morning. Items like these are obvious keepers. But what about that lamp that’s on the fritz or the radio that hasn’t been used since before the kids were born?

An easy way to determine if it’s time to let something go is to ask a few questions. Has it been used in the last three months? Does it hold sentimental value? Will it need repair or replacement soon? If the answers don’t inspire a desire to put the item into a portable storage container, it can probably be sold online or at a yard sale, donated, or thrown on the pile for the garbage collector.

Storing It Instead

Items destined for storing are a little easier to pick out. Storage containers are perfect for things that need to stay but are too large or awkward to comfortably keep in the house—think bicycles, boxes of collectibles, or decorative items that aren’t in season.

Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage containers are designed to keep contents secure and guarded against the elements, so homeowners can rest easy knowing their belongings, even the more expensive or sentimental pieces, are out of the way and protected.

Take the first step toward decluttering by visiting our website or getting in touch with us today.

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