One Container, Complete Convenience

Moving Containers in West Nyack

Portable Moving Containers Built with Practicality in Mind

Moving your belongings across town is exponentially simpler with Go Mini's of Bergen and Hudson Valley. Rather than hiring an overpriced moving truck that requires you to load everything via ramp, our affordable moving containers rest on padded wheels less than a foot above ground, making it easy to get in and out during loading and unloading.

Our containers are a safe place to store belongings for an extended period. Each moving container is made of galvanized steel-welded frames and comes with a secure locking system. Our portable containers are also resistant to mold, heat, and moisture. When relying on Go Mini’s, you can rest assured that your prized valuables will not be stolen or decay.

Three Convenient Container Sizes

At Go Mini's of Bergen and Hudson Valley, we proudly offer three versatile moving container sizes:

  1. 12-feet – This container size is perfect for packing up a dorm, work office, or small apartment.
  2. 16-feet – Ideal for larger apartments and smaller homes, this container size can fit furniture and belongings that would reasonably occupy 3 or 4 average-sized rooms.
  3. 20-feet – Our largest container is unrivaled in the industry. Boasting more space than most of our competitors, this moving container is big enough to store the items of an entire single-family residence (or up to seven rooms). It is a great option if you want to avoid renting two smaller sizes, and can help you save money.

Our drop-off process is user-friendly. We are happy to drop off your container wherever is best for you – on driveways, lots, curbs, lawns, etc. We only have two requirements: The placement of the container must be accessible by vehicle and in accordance with the law. Simply use tape to outline the area where you would like it to be placed, and we are good to go.

If you are renovating a home or office, moving locally, relocating your business, making repairs, or need temporary storage in West Nyack for any reason, renting our moving containers is the smart solution. With instant quotes and cost-effective renting options, our services will not break the bank. Our convenient "move at your own pace" renting policy will also grant you greater flexibility. Once loaded, you can keep the moving container at its current location, place it in our storage facility, or allow us to move it to your final destination.

For minimal hassle storage and moves, our state-of-the-art moving containers are an excellent solution! Give us a call at (845) 318-1149 or contact us online to request a container today!