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Storage for Education in Bergen & Hudson Valley

Portable Self-Storage Units for Educational Facilities

As the education industry constantly evolves, schools and universities require new and innovative solutions to keep up with the changes. One such solution is the use of portable storage units. With their versatile and flexible capabilities, portable units can be used for a multitude of purposes catering to the educational needs of students and staff.

At Go Mini's of Bergen and Hudson Valley, our portable storage units are an excellent investment for educational institutions, providing convenient storage for countless educational materials. By investing in mobile storage unit rentals, educational institutions will prioritize organization, security, and convenience, allowing students and staff to focus on what matters most – learning.

Educational Storage Can Satisfy Many Needs

Technology & Class Resources

In recent years, many educational institutions have transitioned from traditional methods of teaching to more technology-friendly approaches. As a result, the need for convenient and secure storage space for electronics and other hi-tech educational equipment has become vital. Our portable storage units offer a secure and flexible place to store and transport everything from laptops to projectors to educational materials.

Our portable storage units are an excellent investment for educational institutions because of their convenience and security features. We make it easy to store and transport oversized equipment, such as whiteboards, unused textbooks, and large educational supplies. With these units, it is easy to keep everything organized and neat, making it easier for teachers to find what they need when they need it.

On-Campus Housing

Many schools and universities offer on-campus housing, compelling many students to move nearby. Portable storage units can be very useful in such scenarios, enabling students to store non-essential items and excess personal items while they're on break or traveling home. With affordable portable storage units, students can store items when they're transitioning from one dorm to another. This not only allows for a clutter-free space but also frees up space for other essential belongings.

Sports Equipment

Sports programs and activities are an integral part of education. However, storing bulky sports equipment can be a challenge, especially if the space is limited. Portable storage units can be used to store sports equipment securely and safely when not in use. It also allows for easy equipment transportation between facilities, making it easier for students and staff to manage.

School or Classroom Renovations

Classroom or school renovations and maintenance is a routine event for educational institutions. During remodeling, teachers and students often need to move to temporary locations or sections of the campus. Portable storage units can be used to store classroom items and materials during the renovation period, allowing teachers to focus on delivering a continuous educational experience.


Superintendents and school administrators have a lot of responsibilities to manage, including keeping track of inventory, managing supplies, and maintaining important records. Our portable storage units can be a lifesaver, providing hassle-free storage solutions for school supplies, equipment, and records.

The Benefits of Portable Storage Units

When selecting a portable storage unit for educational purposes, several factors should be taken into consideration. Durability is key, as these units will experience significant wear and tear with regular use. Other factors include size, weight capacity, and the type of equipment stored. It is also essential to consider the frequency of transport and the storage location to ensure the unit will be easy to maneuver and fits your space constraints.

Go Mini's of Bergen and Hudson Valley offers three different sizes when renting mobile storage units:

  • Our compact 12-foot unit for smaller loads
  • Our versatile 16-foot unit for medium-sized loads
  • Our large 20-foot unit for extra-large loads

Our top priority is to make the storage process as convenient and flexible as possible. We achieve this by delivering each mobile storage container to the desired location. By choosing our rental units, you’ll skip the hassle of renting a moving truck or making multiple trips to a storage facility.

Secure Mobile Storage at Affordable Rental Prices

When you finish loading your storage unit, you can leave it on your premises or call our team to pick it up and store it in either a new location or one of our secure storage locations. Whatever you choose, you can be confident that your belongings will be safely protected. Our secure storage locations are kept under 24-hour surveillance by security personnel.

Our containers are also equipped with a locking system, steel siding, and a weatherproof frame. You won't have to worry about storms, moisture, or intruders ruining your prized possessions. Our heavy-duty locking systems are second to none. They offer direct control access to your valuable materials and equipment, preventing theft or misuse. For cost-effective portable storage, reach out today!

Call (845) 318-1149 to receive an instant rental quote on our storage containers!

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