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Quincy Containers

How much can a Go Mini’s Storage Container hold?

Go Mini's of Southeastern Massachusetts offers patented storage containers that have a superior design over competitors like PODS® and Packrat. They are designed to make it easy for you to load and unload your things at your own pace. Our unique 20 ft. storage units in Quincy and Plymouth can easily hold larger items like bed mattresses, dining tables, sofa, and couches.

Exterior Length Exterior Width Exterior Height Furnished Rooms*
12′ foot container: 12′ 8′ 8′ Typically 1-2 Rooms
16′ foot container: 16′ 8′ 8′ Typically 3-4 Rooms
20′ foot container: 20′ 8′ 8′ Typically 5-6 Rooms

Why Choose Our Quincy portable storage containers?

  • Our containers have an 8″ ground clearance, making them easy to load and unload while avoiding potential avoid water problems.
  • Natural light was important when designing our containers, so we use a translucent roof or side windows allowing you to see better inside.
  • Our containers are vented, greatly reducing moisture and humidity that may contribute to mold and mildew.
  • Keeping your belongings safe is important. For that reason, all of our containers use locking roll-up or swing doors.
  • Inside each storage unit, we have sturdy railings for hanging clothes and tie downs.
  • Unlike PODS®, our containers feature steel construction: Welded frame, strong & secure steel siding. PODS® containers are made of wood.
  • Our containers do not sweat. Our galvanized steel exterior coated with factory baked paint prevents this problem that other containers may have.
  • Lastly, our floors are pressure treated and sealed to make the surface moisture resistant.

*The amount of space needed can vary based on the amount and size of furnishings in your home and the additional goods stored in your garage, basement and closets. Please be sure to include all of your rooms, and remember that you can stack your goods inside your container.

Contact us at (508) 589-5386 to schedule a delivery or to learn more about our storage units in Quincy and throughout the south shore.