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Are you fatigued before you even start to move? You must decide what to keep and what to discard, give everything a name, and pack every aspect of your life into boxes. Moving is stressful, regardless of whether you are going across town or down the hall! Your stress level may rise while you search for reputable relocation services. There are many choices, but figuring out one is best for you might be challenging.

That’s why your neighbors choose Go Mini's of Houston, TX! We provide convenient, cost-effective local moving services in Houston and surrounding areas. Read through reviews from our satisfied customers!

Any questions about our Houston moving service? To request a quote , call anytime at (713) 766-1620 or contact us online.


How to Pack Fragile Items for Storage or Moving from Houston

Move on Your Own Schedule

You are dependent on the timetable of the local Houston moving company you hire. You should therefore prepare for deadlines and time limits. Once you pick up your self-service moving truck, the timer starts to tick. You have a set amount of time to load, carry, unload, and return the truck without incurring additional charges.

As an alternative, you'll need to make extensive preparations and work around the local movers' schedule. Ensure that your new home is ready for immediate occupancy and that you are ready for their arrival. It's so easy for something to go wrong with such a short, well-thought-out maneuver. Something is lost as a result of subtle details being neglected.

Using Go Mini's of Houston, TX, you will have unrestricted access to your mobile storage. Moreover, you have options! We can retain your packed container while your staged home is on the market. You can keep your container there for a few days to finish packing after we deliver it to your new residence. We make things convenient for you.

We'll handle everything else; just let us know where and when you'll need a portable moving container. As soon as you're ready to relocate, give us a call, and we'll send a truck to pick up your container. You can count on us to provide the most seamless local moving services. We work at your pace and according to your schedule.

We’re the only national portable storage franchise to offer 20-foot containers? For your largest moving needs, call Go Mini's of Houston, TX at (713) 766-1620 today!

Simplify Your Move in Houston: Renting a Moving Container vs. Hiring Local Movers

Moving is never easy, but it shouldn't be overly complicated. When you hire a local moving company, you might face strict timelines, lack of flexibility, and the risk of items being damaged by careless movers.

At Go Mini's of Houston, TX, we offer a better solution:

  • Choose from three container sizes, 12-, 16-, and 20-foot options to match your specific needs.
  • Decide whether to keep the container on-site with you or safely store it at our off-site facility until it's needed.
  • Utilize our storage calculator to determine the perfect container size for your belongings.
  • Get instant quotes to accurately budget for your move.
  • Rest assured with our galvanized steel construction, ensuring the security of your items during transit.
  • Enjoy transparent pricing with upfront costs, eliminating surprises on the final bill.

When you're moving across town, you have options. You don't have to rent a moving truck and do everything yourself, nor do you have to give total control to a moving company. Our local moving services in Houston offer solutions to make your move more seamless. Our goal is to support you so you can get excited about the adventure you’re about to embark on in your new space.

Ready to make your move easy? Call (713) 766-1620 or reach out online to learn more.

Keep Your Possessions Safe and Secure

Our sturdy, secure containers have padded wheels, a steel-welded frame, and exteriors made of galvanized steel. Furthermore, it is easy to load and unload into our raised container. The container is eight inches above the ground. However, floods or water seepage won't occur, therefore you won't need a ramp. We make every effort to satisfy all of your unique requirements and offer a variety of 12-, 16-, and 20-foot containers.

Let Us Take Care of the Transportation

Once you've completed packing your container, you can relax. You won't need to worry about the dangers of driving while moving. Do not back up or park in blind spots since we will transfer your belongings. You don't need any more accidents when you're already stressed up about moving. We'll take care of the haul for you!

Personalized Local Moving Services

We are a locally owned and operated moving company. Go Mini's of Houston, TX provides personalized care for your moving needs. Our staff creates hassle-free experiences for our clients. It's simple when you combine storage and relocation into a single straightforward operation. You can control your relocation and create your own timeline when working with a company you can rely on.

Along with the flexible options and stress-relieving process, customers choose us for:

  • Instant quotes so you’re not presented with a sales pitch
  • Straightforward pricing with no surprise charges
  • Ventilated containers to reduce moisture and humidity
  • Pressure-treated container flooring to protect from the elements
  • Schedule and storage flexibility catered to you

Need local moving services in Houston? Get an instant quote or schedule a drop-off by calling (713) 766-1620. Reach out today!

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