One Container, Complete Convenience


Quality Portable Storage Containers

Whether you’re ready to renovate or plan a big move, we want to eliminate the stress and frustration during your moving process. To make your transition as easy as possible, we satisfy our customers by delivering the best solutions based on your budget, needs, and timeframe.

Go Mini's of Houston are experts at offering top-of-the-line portable moving container services. All our moving containers are designed to ensure maximum convenience. We deliver our units to your desired location, whether a home or business property, and you can take as much time as you need to load up your personal belongings. When you’re finished packing, give us a call and our professionals will safely transport your belongings to our local storage facility or your new address.

Key features of Go Mini's of Houston containers:

  • Ventilation ports to reduce humidity and moisture
  • Sturdy interior railings for hanging clothes
  • Padded wheels for maximum protection on your property
  • Security-locked roll-up and swing doors to keep belongings safe
  • Multiple size length containers: 12, 16, and 20 feet

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Moving Container Sizes

Of all the options for self-storage in Houston, Go Mini’s is the best choice for meeting your storage needs, as we offer a variety of options to our customers. No matter the size of your move, there is a moving container for you. We offer three different size length containers to ensure you find the right fit based on how much is needed to pack for your move.

12-Foot Container

Our 12-ft length container is the perfect solution for small-purpose moving and storage. This would be ideal for someone moving an apartment, relocating an office, or moving a house with two or three rooms.

16-Foot Container

Our 16-ft length container is great for a move requiring temporary storage. Other common uses for this container include moving a home with three or four rooms, office re-locations, and large home remodeling projects.

20-Foot Container

Our largest container size comes in 20-ft. This is the best option if you are planning to move a larger apartment, office space, or a home holding five, six, or seven rooms of items.

Rent a Container for Moving

Renting portable storage is all about putting you in control of your move. Instead of having to deal with the extra expenses, schedules, and uncertainties around hiring a moving company, you control the timing and loading process. When you rent a portable container, you can decide whether you want to hold it on your property, keep it at our facility, or stage it at your destination.

At Go Mini's of Houston, we believe storage should never be limited. Providing convenience and quality is always our goal.

Let us take the hassle out of your relocation. Call (713) 255-8376 for the best portable moving container service Houston has to offer!