Use Go Mini’s For Your Garage Sale

Garage sale season is almost here! It's time to clean out your closets and get into sale mode. Preparing for a garage sale can be overwhelming, with piles of old toys, clothes, and decorations covering the house, but with a little help from your friends at Go Mini's, everything will be smooth sale-ing!

Here's why you should rent a Mini for your upcoming garage sale:

Keep Items Organized and Out of the Way

A Mini is a perfect companion when it comes to organizing garage sales. With a convenient drop-off at your location, your Mini will be there in the weeks leading up to the sale for you to load up as you go. This keeps the clutter out of your home and in one centralized location.

Extra Space on Sale Day

On the day of your sale, your Mini will make a great extension of your garage space. You can utilize the Mini to set up tables, racks, and shelves filled with items ready for a new home. This can be especially beneficial if there is rain in the forecast. No more calling off the sale due to weather; your neighbors can shop comfortably under the cover of a Mini.

Post-Sale Storage

As much as you may wish otherwise, you likely won't sell all of your belongings at your garage sale. There are bound to be a few lingering items no one picked up. Instead of bringing these items back into your home, keep them in your Mini until you're ready to take them to a donation center.

Once you've emptied the Mini, our team will come and pick up and remove the unit. It's that easy!

Rent a Mini

Be prepared for the sale season by renting your Mini today! Give your local Go Mini's a call at (866) 446-6187 to get started.

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