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How to Organize Your Garage

In theory, a garage is a place to park a car. In reality, many Americans don’t even have space to store their car in the garage. That’s because the typical garage is crammed full of holiday decorations, sports equipment, winter gear, and anything else that needs to be stored at home but not necessarily inside the home. There’s no need to expose a valuable vehicle to the elements, however. A little decluttering and organizing can help free up plenty of space. For even more space, try Go Mini’s® for convenient portable storage available at your home or one of Go Mini’s® locations.

Get Rid of Excess

Anyone who has moved homes knows that it takes packing everything up to truly appreciate how much stuff is in the house. Most of us even have things that we only see when moving. The first step in decluttering and freeing up space in the garage is to honestly assess whether you need that extra Christmas stand, that box of magazines, or those toys the kids don’t play with. If it hasn’t been used in two years, it’s time to pass it along to someone who will use it.

Invest in Shelves, Totes, and Pegboards

One of the biggest obstacles to a clutter-free garage is, well, obstacles. Placing items haphazardly on the floor in disorganized piles makes it hard to find needed items. Worse, those piles have a habit of growing as more items are added to them. Invest in shelving and peg boards to keep items off the floor. Keep the shelves organized with totes. Simply elevating everything off the floor will go a long way to making the garage appear more organized.

If there’s still a lack of space after decluttering and organizing, consider a portable storage unit. The GoMini’s® advantage makes it easy and affordable to hold on to heirlooms, collector’s items, seasonal equipment, and more. Find a Go Mini’s® location near you today.

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