One Container, Complete Convenience

Simi Valley Portable Storage Containers

Convenient Solutions for Moving & Storage

When it comes to options for moving and storing belongings, companies in the industry tend to either national brand names that are not attentive or friendly or they are local businesses that lack the quality or flexibility that one needs.

Go Mini's stands apart as an alternative because we are a national brand known for high-quality containers, but our individual locations are also locally-owned, independent, and invested in the community.

This means you can benefit from both the familiarity and care of a local business and enjoy the quality provided by our galvanized-steel portable storage containers.

If you need mobile storage in Simi Valley, look no further. Call (805) 836-2715 to set up a rental today!

How the Process Works

  1. Delivery on your chosen day
  2. Placed where you have marked off
  3. Load at your own pace
  4. Keep as long as you need
  5. Notify us if you are relocating
  6. We will pick up and move your container

Some Reasons to Choose Our Mobile Storage Units in Simi valley

Here are some reasons why people continue to make Go Mini's of Ventura County, CA their first choice for moving and storage in the area.

  • Our portable storage containers are ventilated to reduce humidity
  • Our containers are built from galvanized steel, offering strength and security
  • Mobile storage is often one of the most affordable or cost-efficient options
  • People tend to find mobile storage is the best solution for renovation projects
  • People tend to enjoy the flexibility of working on their own timeline for loading and storing their possessions

Loading Recommendations

It is smart to use as many same size boxes as possible. Make sure to avoid overloading to prevent damage. Our Simi Valley portable storage containers come in 12-foot, 16-foot, and 20-foot sizes.

It is smart to keep possessions well padded and protected inside boxes. It can also be helpful to add extra duct to to the bottom of heavier boxes.

The heaviest items should be loaded first. (Washing machine, couches, tables, appliances). The heaviest boxes should be placed at the bottom. As heavy items are loaded, it is a good idea to keep the weight balanced between left and right. Lastly, Go Mini's containers have plenty of tie down points and straps to help keep everything secure inside.

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