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Are you getting ready to move? If so, you may be concerned about the costs and the challenge involved with renting a truck and scheduling a moving company to help. Moving trucks can be difficult to drive and maneuver for many, and they can get expensive if you need them for more than a couple hours. And local movers often rush you and may not show your belongings the same care you would. Avoid many of the inconveniences and frustrations normally associated with moving: Go Mini's of Ventura County, CA provides moving containers as a flexible, affordable solution.

When you rent one of our portable moving containers in Ventura County, you are able to keep it as long as you need it and load it at your own pace. If you are concerned that this sounds complicated, we promise that it isn't! Basically, you call us to drop off your moving container. You load it. Then you call us to pick it up and relocate it. That's it!

You can reach our team at (805) 836-2715 if you have questions about our Ventura moving containers.

What Makes Moving Containers Superior to Moving Companies?

There are many reasons why our clients prefer using a mobile storage unit rather than local movers and a moving truck. The essence of why usually boils down to convenience.

  • Detailed, Upfront Costs: Moving companies often hide costs and fees in their pricing that will jump out at you on the final bill (paying for fuel, insurance, etc.). With Go Mini's, you will know the costs at the outset.
  • Easy Loading: Our custom-designed moving containers are engineered for convenient loading. Every unit sits 8 inches off the ground so you never have to use a ramp. This also ensures that ground moisture stays out.
  • Security and Moisture Protection: Our moving containers are built from galvanized steel for maximum protection. They are coated with factory-baked paint that prevents sweating. They are also ventilated to minimize humidity.
  • Customer Determines Schedule: Rather than having to build your schedule around a moving company, you get to decide the date of drop off and you can keep your moving container as long as you want!
  • Padded Wheels: Sometimes it's about the little touches. Our storage units have padded wheels to help protect your driveway from damage.

Renting a Moving Truck vs. A Moving Container

When you compare the experience of renting a moving truck to renting a portable moving container, an on-site storage container will usually come out the winner in terms of flexibility and simplicity. Sometimes a moving truck is absolutely necessary, but for every situation where portable moving storage is possible, it is generally a good idea to opt for that instead. Below, we have listed out some of the reasons why we recommend choosing our moving containers instead of a moving truck for your upcoming move.

  • No stress of dealing with a vehicle that is difficult to maneuver
  • Avoid unexpected costs from things like gas, insurance or furniture pads
  • Getting stuck with a truck that is too small to fit everything
  • Struggling to reserve a truck based on limited availability

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