One Container, Complete Convenience

Storage Containers in Miami Dade County, FL

Miami's Cost-Effective Dynamic Storage Solutions

Do you need to store some items, furnishings, products, or goods for an extended period? If so, Go Mini's of Miami-Dade County is proud to be your cost-effective, one-stop shop destination for storage solutions. Our containers are practically designed – spacious, durable, and portable.They consist of state-of-the-art mobile steel-welded frames, secure siding, and weatherproof surfaces. You can rest assured knowing your prized valuables and goods are safe from break-ins, mold, and moisture.

Our storage containers come in three dynamic sizes:

  1. Our 12-foot unit, which can fit up to 2 full-sized rooms of belongings
  2. Our 16-foot unit, which can pack in the furnishings/possessions found in most condos, apartments, and smaller single-family homes
  3. Our 20-foot unit, which is the largest in the industry and can fit up to seven rooms of stuff

If you’re using our storage containers for moving or relocating purposes, we highly recommend choosing whatever option requires the fewest trips or rentals. After all, it is much more convenient to pack and move one time (i.e., filling a 20-foot unit) as opposed to making two trips in a 12-foot unit. Nevertheless, we understand that each circumstance is unique. Give our team a call and we will go above and beyond to accommodate your situation.

Storage Options for Every Situation

Our customers rent storage containers for various reasons. Some common scenarios include:

  • Moving – Rent one of our spacious storage units and enjoy a stress-free move! Our team will deliver the mobile unit to your property, let you pack it on your own time, and conveniently pick it up at your request. We can also temporarily store your container at one of our secure facilities.
  • Seasonal cleaning – Homes, businesses, and offices accumulate goods over time. If you’re looking for a place to store your things while you remodel, renovate, or rejuvenate your property, you’ve come to the right place. Our portable containers can be a lifesaver during construction, repair, and/or restoration projects. We can store your excess and cumbersome possessions until you’ve cleared enough space.
  • Storing decorations or inventory Many stores, restaurants, and commercial spaces run into overflow/overstock issues from time to time. We can help! Store your surplus products, decorations, signs, furniture, goods, and displays efficiently and affordably by renting one of our dynamic storage containers today!

Call (305) 930-6870 today to get an instant quote on renting one of our cutting-edge storage containers!