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Chandler's Top Choice for Portable Storage Containers

Convenient Mobile Storage Unit Rentals in Chandler, IN

Do you want to provide your office more storage options? Or do you have any significant intentions to relocate within the city? However, the Go Mini's of Evansville, IN is the only place to look!

We are conscious of how challenging, costly, and time-consuming it may be to move or store your items in a secure setting. We are designed to give you more than our competitors while also providing you with quick, easy, and affordable portable moving options in order to make your life easier.


Effortless Portable Storage Solutions for Chandler Residents

Go Mini's of Evansville, IN designed the portable and useful storage options we provide with your moving needs in mind. In comparison to doing it yourself or hiring a moving truck, we are typically considerably more affordable and useful.

Maximize Efficiency with Chandler's Portable Storage Units

Moving can be daunting, but portable storage units provide a game-changing solution. These versatile containers offer several benefits that make moving more convenient and efficient.

Why choose a portable storage unit for your move?

  1. Flexibility and Convenience: Portable storage units allow you to pack at your own pace. No need to rush, as the container is delivered to your doorstep, so you can load it when it's convenient for you. Once ready, the unit is transported to your new location or stored until needed.
  2. Cost-Effective Solutions: Portable storage units are more cost-effective than traditional moving services. You save on transportation costs as you control the loading and unloading, reducing the need for additional movers or services.
  3. Secure and Accessible Storage: These units are designed with security in mind, keeping your belongings safe during transit or storage. Additionally, you always retain access to your items, eliminating the stress of waiting for delivery.
  4. Eliminate Multiple Moves: With portable storage, you load and unload once. There's no need to transfer your belongings between trucks and storage facilities, streamlining the moving process.
  5. Customized Solutions: We offer various container sizes, allowing you to choose the one that fits your needs. This flexibility ensures you only pay for the space you use.

Experience a smoother, more efficient move with the convenience of portable storage units. Contact Go Mini's of Evansville, IN today to explore how this modern solution can simplify your relocation process.

Three Easy Steps to Your Chandler Storage Solution

  1. We transport your mobile storage unit anywhere you need it and deliver your portable storage container.
  2. Your mobile storage box has everything you need to store or travel! This can be loaded at your own time, and you can leave it open until it's done.
  3. After your container has been loaded and secured, our highly skilled and certified driver will deliver it to the site of your next requirement.

Choose the Perfect Size: Portable Storage Units for Every Need

We want to make sure that you always have options for portable storage to make the process even easier, whether you are moving your entire house or business. With three length choices, we're sure to have a size for you!

For containers with storage capacity, we provide three distinct lengths:

  • 12 feet - Can accommodate the furnishings of one or two rooms.
  • 16 feet - Enough room for the furniture of two or three rooms.
  • 20 feet - Up to six rooms' worth of furniture
  • In fact, we are the only national portable storage franchise that provides 20-foot containers.

Chandler Loves Our Secure and Spacious Mobile Storage Units

  • We take great pride in being able to offer short-term storage options designed to protect your belongings and your money. Renting a mobile storage container has the following extra benefits:
  • The ventilation equipment required to keep your belongings free of problems like mold and mildew is included in every container.
  • You may securely keep your largest and most expensive items in our storage containers because they are 8 feet tall.

These storage containers have a lovely shape and are constructed of galvanized steel. To avoid flooding, our containers have cushioning wheels and are lifted 8 inches from the ground.


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