One Container, Complete Convenience

Centennial Portable Storage Units

Get Storage On-Site for your Home or Business

Go Mini's of Denver, CO offers flexible storage options for individuals who are relocating their home/business, renovating their home/building, or require a temporary storage solution. When you need mobile storage in Centennial, Colorado, our team can bring solutions right to your driveway.

If you need a mobile storage unit for off-site storage, on-site storage, or to keep items secure at your destination, our system will provide the convenience you need.

To learn more about our portable storage options, reach us at (303) 578-2849.

Reasons to Rent a Temporary Storage Mobile Unit

People often feel unsure about whether they should hire a moving company, a self-storage unit, or mobile storage. Here are some of the most common reasons people choose us for their temporary storage needs in Centennial, CO.

  • You don't need to rent or drive a truck
  • You control the loading and unloading
  • There is no public access to your storage unit
  • Our mobile units come in multiple sizes
  • You maintain control of your timeline

What Sizes Are Available?

We provide 3 different mobile units for portable storage. We have some basic guidelines below if you are unsure which would work best for you.

  • The 12 Foot Portable Storage Container: This is great for small apartments or single offices. This is also a great size if you are moving out or into a dorm room. These can hold around 8-10 major pieces of furniture.
  • The 16 Foot Portable Storage Container: Our mid size option is good for larger apartments or smaller homes of around 3-4 rooms. These will often hold 10 to 15 major pieces of furniture.
  • The 20 Foot Portable Storage Container: Our largest option is unique from many companies who do not offer this size. We recommend this for larger homes of 5-7 rooms.
  • Our Online Container Size Calculator: If you want to try to estimate the right size, we have an online calculator for your convenience.

Get a quote on our portable storage containers in Centennial, Colorado by calling (303) 578-2849