Is There Anything that Can’t be Stored in a Go Mini’s?

Whether you’re renovating your house, getting ready to move, or simply need more space, there are plenty of reasons why people take advantage of storage containers.

With locations across the country, we’ve helped thousands of families store everything from furniture to artwork and family heirlooms. However, there are a few things that shouldn’t be left in long-term storage.

Don’t Pack These Items in a Storage Unit

Flammable and Toxic Items

The term ‘flammable items’ includes so much more than just fireworks or explosives, which is what most people think of when they first hear this term. However, it also includes more common items, like gasoline, propane, oil, and paint.

You should also be careful not to include cleaning products, paint thinner, and bleach in your unit since they can emit toxic fumes.

Certain Motorized Vehicles/Tools

We’re happy to store boats, trucks, motorcycles, and cars, so long as they’re operational, insured, and registered. However, we can’t store vehicles that are uninsured, not running, or have faulty tires.

Damp or Wet Items

Come fall, many homeowners store their summer items, like pool toys and water sports equipment, in our units. We only ask that everything be completely dry before it’s stored to prevent the possibility of mold growth.

Live Plants

All of our containers are weatherproof and ventilated at the top to prevent mold and mildew growth. Even though there’s adequate airflow throughout our units, they don’t provide the right conditions for live plants. If the plant dies and starts to rot, it can attract rodents and insects.


Perishables should never be stored in our units because they too can attract bugs and vermin. Even if they’re canned, vacuum-sealed, or kept in boxes, we ask our customers to never store food — including pet food.

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