Tips for Homeowners Moving Over the Winter

Moving is stressful, no matter the season. However, moving during the winter can pose a few additional challenges.

Whether you’ve been planning to move this winter or this just happened to be when your home sold, let us help make the process a bit less stressful.

Moving During the Winter: What You Should Know

Store items you don’t need right now.

Freezing temperatures and sudden snowstorms can make it difficult to get everything moved and over to your new house in just one or two days. If you’re feeling overwhelmed while packing, it might be best to store items you don’t need, like summer clothes, furniture, and holiday decorations.

Keep the decorations light.

Moving during the winter also means moving during the holidays. While decorating is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit, it can mean more work for moving homeowners. If you’re getting ready for a big move, hang a few major decorations, like wreaths, stockings, and a tree, and pack smaller items away.

Keep safety top of mind.

Before packing your car or moving container, make sure your driveway is clear of snow and ice. Whether you’re moving a few boxes or large pieces of furniture, you never want to risk a slip and fall.

Pack at your own pace.

With so much going on this time of the year and the threat of unpredictable weather, planning your entire move around one day can be risky. When you rent a moving container, you can pack according to your schedule.

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