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Is there a local move in your future? Just because you're moving within Baton Rouge—even if you're just moving to a different apartment in the same building—doesn't mean moving is any easier. The preparation and lead up to a move of any kind can be a stressful experience. The approach of a deadline. Coordinating with movers and vehicles. Packing fragile items quickly.

All of these challenges can combine and and lead to chaos. But when you choose to rent a local moving container from Go Mini's of Baton Rouge, LA, your move becomes a lot less stressful.

Go Mini's of Baton Rouge, LA exists to provide a simpler, friendlier, and more customer-centered alternative to traditional moving. We have removed deadlines, hidden fees, and unreliable service and replaced them with instant quotes, flexible timelines, and locally-owned business charm.

Request our Baton Rouge moving COMPANY by calling (225) 314-7858 today or requesting an instant quote online!

Choose Mobile Storage for Your Next Local Move

Do not think for a moment that your only choice for your next move consists of doing everything by yourself or being bound to the schedule of a team of movers. Go Mini's offers freedom and flexibility through its premium-quality portable storage containers.

Avoid the Stress of a Moving Truck

Operating a moving truck can feel very intimidating or even dangerous for some. Working with various mirrors and blind spots can be an uncomfortable experience. The difficulty increases even more when reversing and backing up is needed.

Go Mini's of Baton Rouge spares you the trouble of driving by doing all the delivery work for you! You just have to pick up the phone and call us, and we will relocate your items.

Avoid the Inflexibility of a Traditional Moving Company

Moving teams can bring new layers of stress to the whole process of packing up. Having strangers in the home and having less control over how items are organized and handled are why many people prefer doing as much as possible on their own. Add onto this the need to work within someone else's timeline, and the situation gets even worse.

When you work with a mobile storage unit, all these difficulties are eliminated. You can handle your own items. We're one of the only Baton Rouge moving companies that let customers pack at their own pace. You never have to deal with somebody else's timeline.


If you want to avoid driving a moving truck, dealing with a moving crew, and feeling constrained by deadlines, Go Mini's of Baton Rouge is your best alternative.

Instant Quotes on Local Moving Services

Use our online estimate system to get an instant quote on your next move. For your convenience, we can calculate the perfect sized container just based off of the number of rooms you are relocating.

To speak with our team of movers in Baton Rouge, LA, call (225) 314-7858 today!