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Secure Inside Storage in Asheville

Cutting-Edge Containers to Maximize Durability

Finding a safe & secure place to leave your residential or commercial belongings is not always easy. The entire situation can cause much stress and anxiety. The last thing anyone wants is to find out that their treasured possessions have been stolen or harmed. Fortunately, Go Mini’s of Asheville is your solution for secure temporary storage.

We offer strictly guarded and supervised facilities to ensure your portable storage container is not burglarized or tampered with. We designed and manufactured our storage containers with state-of-the-art materials to maintain the quality and condition of your goods. Our top priority is to provide a weatherproof space to protect your prized items from decaying or corroding.

Looking for secure units for storage? Give us a call at (828) 761-0686 or get a quote online now!

Each storage unit consists of top-notch features to preserve the structural integrity of your things. These features include:

  • Industrial-grade locks
  • Sturdy railings & convenient tie-down points
  • Factory-baked paint to keep out humidity
  • Waterproof steel-welded frames
  • Roll-up/swing doors
  • Mold-resistant ventilation
  • Pressure-treated flooring
  • Galvanized steel siding

Whether you need to store your belongings for a few days or a few months, we have the resources and infrastructure you need.

portable units for Storage for Every Scenario

Booking a portable storage container and a spot in our secure inside storage facility involves little effort. We will deliver a rental container directly to your location upon receiving your order. You have the flexibility to move and load at your pace. When the portable unit is fully packed, give our prompt and punctual team a call. We will pick up the container and store it at our supervised facility.

Customers rely on our portable storage units for many reasons. Here are situations where our containers come in handy:

  • You are moving – Our storage units and secure facilities offer incredible convenience when it comes time to move. Instead of driving a moving van across town or storing your things in an off-site garage, rent one of our versatile mobile containers! Because the entire unit stays at our facility, you will not need to worry about where to keep your things if there is an undesirable span between move-out and move-in dates? We will keep everything protected in one safe location until the move-in day arrives.
  • You are renovating or remodeling – If you are modifying your home or office and need temporary storage space, our secure inside storage options are your one-stop solution.
  • You need extra space – If you have received a bulk shipment of inventory or are dealing with a hoarding situation, our portable storage units will provide much-needed space until you get everything sorted.

Knowing your belongings in a secure location will provide the peace of mind you deserve. Call (828) 761-0686 or contact us online today!

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