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Moving Containers in Quincy

Serving Residents & Businesses from the South Shore to Boston

Reduce the hassle and complexity of your upcoming move by making use of a moving container designed to fit your specific needs.

We are equipped to help individuals who are moving to a new residence as well as businesses that are relocating to a new area.

You can reach our Boston & Quincy local movers today at (508) 589-5386.

More Options for Apartments & homes

We offer three sizes of portable moving containers:

  • 12-Foot Container: Our 12' containers can be a convenient ways to move items when the contents come from just a few rooms. This is a good fit for an apartment move.
  • 16-Foot Container: The 16' foot portable moving container is an option that is better suited for temporary storage of items if there is a lag between the move out and move in. We recommend this size for homes with 3 to 4 rooms. If you are remodeling part of your home, you may want to consider this size as well.
  • 20-Foot Container: This moving container is our largest option. We recommend this size for homes with content being taken from 5 to 6 rooms. This is an option that may be helpful for an large scale office relocation.

More Benefits from Our Moving Containers

If you are researching the ideal way to move your household items, there are numerous benefits to consider in regards to renting moving containers.


Uncertain Timeline? If there is any uncertainty about the exact day you will be moving into your new place, a moving container may help relieve some of the stress.

Keep Your Container: Because there does not need to be a fixed deadline for returning the container, you have the freedom and flexibility to keep your items stored away between the move out and the move in.

No Need for Scheduling: You are also freed from the schedule of a moving company coming to pick everything up.


This was mentioned above. A moving container is also a storage option if your timeline changes or if you decide to keep items in storage for a period of time.


Rather than driving a moving truck or hiring and waiting on a crew, a moving container is something that gives you more convenience and control over the entire moving experience.


Our moving container units are security-locked with roll-up and swing doors. They are equipped with secure galvanized steel siding and steel-welded frames.

To learn more about our Boston moving containers, call (508) 589-5386 today!

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