Go Mini’s – Your Ultimate Moving & Portable Storage Solution

If you’ve ever moved, you know just how difficult it can be to pack up everything you own and drive it to your new home or storage in just one or two days. Now add in winter weather and little kids and that task begins to seem almost impossible. But with Go Minis ® Moving & Portable Storage, you can fill your unit when it’s convenient for you and relax while our team transports your most prized possessions.

Go Mini’s® customers rely on the company’s convenient containers to move, for storage solutions, or to conduct home renovation projects throughout south Florida. The locally owned and operated portable storage company welcomes opportunities to showcase its superiority in comparison to PODS® and other competitors.


With professional movers charging thousands of dollars to pack up your home or office, it’s easy to see why most people would rather do the job themselves. When you work with Go Minis® we’ll drop off a moving container that you can fill on your own schedule. Whether you need it for one week or one month, you’ll never have to worry about packing everything in one night. Unlike some of our competitors, which have strict drop off and pick up times, we deliver your portable storage container when you need it and to the location of your choice in the south Florida area. After a few days, weeks, or months, we’ll pick up the container and drive it to your new location — it’s as simple as that!


Go Mini’s® largest container presents 29 percent more cubic feet of space than the biggest unit offered by PODS®. Go Mini’s® is also the only national portable storage franchise that offers 20-foot containers. In some cases, two PODS® containers would be necessary to move a load identical to one transported by one Go Mini’s® unit. In fact, most Go Mini’s® customers need only one 20-foot container to complete a move. Even the company’s 12- and 16-foot containers contribute more cubic space than any of its competitors. Whether you’re moving out of an apartment, office, retail store or a large five-bedroom home, we’ve got the container for you!


Go Mini’s® storage solutions can help our south Florida customers save money. Arranging for a single 20-foot container will cost less per square foot than renting two 16-footers from PODS®. This difference alone saves significant money in storage rental and delivery fees.


Compared to those of a PODS® 16-foot unit, a Go Mini’s® 16-footer offers a 25 percent increase in tie-down points to secure valuables and items during loading, transit, and unloading. The exclusive use of Go Mini’s® drivers also ensures safe travel and precise delivery of valuables at the relocation site.


Many of our customers spend a few weeks filling their container, so it’s important to us that our units can protect your valuables. Every one of our units:

  • Is designed with padded wheels that protect your driveway.
  • Has floors that are sealed and pressure-treated for a moisture-resistant surface.
  • Has a galvanized steel exterior that’s coated with factory-baked paint that prevents our containers from sweating.

PODS® units contain walls and support beams made from treated, porous wood. Go Mini’s® containers are made of powder-coated steel that does not splinter and rejects the mold and mildew that causes odors. Some Go Mini’s® locations even offer containers that are ventilated to reduce moisture and humidity which can be very helpful in the humid environment that we have here in Florida.

With Go Mini’s® you can rest assured that you’re working with a brand that cares about customer service above all else. We are committed to minimizing your worries and maximizing your storage space. We can work with your needs and schedule to ensure you have the best storage experience. Contact us today to reserve your unit or get an instant quote!