Moving Tips for Military Families

Military families often relocate as part of their service. This can be a difficult and overwhelming process, but with the help of companies like Go Mini's, it doesn’t have to be! In this guide, we will provide tips on how to downsize, pack, and navigate the relocation process, as well as how our Mini's can help.

We know military families have unique needs, so our goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Follow these simple steps, and you will be on your way to your new home in no time!

1. Downsizing

Whether you are moving across the country or down the street, one of the most important steps in any move is downsizing wherever possible. Military families often have to make difficult decisions about which items to keep and which ones should be left behind due to space restrictions. To take some of the stress out of this process, here are a few tips for military families on how to efficiently downsize their belongings:

  • Start early – Give yourself plenty of time before your move date so you can slowly go through your things and decide what stays and what goes. This way, it’s less overwhelming, and you won’t feel rushed when making decisions about what to bring with you.
  • Create piles – Separate your items into three piles – “keep”, “donate/sell”, and “trash/recycle” – as soon as possible so that it becomes easier for you to narrow down which possessions stay with you on the move.
  • Utilize storage solutions - If there are certain items that don't need immediate access but still hold sentimental value, consider utilizing Go Mini's storage services instead of parting with your treasured items.

2. Packing

For military families, packing up your home and moving to a new location can be an intimidating task. However, with the right plan in place, you can make the process smoother and more efficient. Just like with the downsizing process, it's important to start early.

As soon as possible, begin gathering boxes and packing materials so you have plenty of time before your move-out date. This way, you won’t feel rushed or overwhelmed when it comes time to pack everything away. Pack one room at a time and label every box thoroughly so that each area is organized and easy to keep track of throughout the relocation process.

3. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Navigating the emotional side of a move can be difficult for military families, especially if it is a long-distance move. To help make this process easier and less stressful, there are some important steps that military families should take.

First, make time for yourself to process the emotions you’re experiencing. Talk with friends and family, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Secondly, practice self-care by focusing on healthy habits such as getting enough rest, eating well, and exercising. Lastly, once the move is complete, take time to explore your new surroundings and form relationships with those in the community.

4. Utilize Go Mini's Services

Go Mini's makes moving easier with our convenient portable moving and storage containers that are perfect for military families. With same-day delivery and pick-up for our customers in most locations, our containers are designed to make your move smooth, no matter where you’re headed.

Contact your local Go Mini's today to discuss your upcoming move and learn more about our Mini's.