Determining the Right Storage Container Size for Your Home

When packing up for a move, no one wants to fall just a few inches short of having enough space or rent a unit that’s two times bigger than what they actually need. Especially if this is your first time moving in a while, it can be hard to pinpoint what size moving container is right for your home.

Go Mini's Franchising, LLC. Offers Multiple Moving Container Sizes

Whether you’re moving out of your one-bedroom apartment or five-bedroom home, Go Mini's Franchising, LLC. has the moving container to fit your needs. We currently offer containers in three lengths — 12, 16, and 20 feet. In fact, we’re the only national portable storage franchise to offer 20-foot containers.

And no matter which size is best for you, each and every container is also:

  • Eight feet tall
  • Designed with padded wheels that protect your driveway
  • Complete with flooring that’s sealed and pressure-treated to be moisture-resistant
  • Outfitted with interior railings perfect for clothes hangers and tie-downs
  • Protected by locking roll-up doors or swing doors

Determining Which Length is Right for You

Before looking into a Go Mini's Franchising, LLC. moving container, ask yourself:

  • “What am I moving?” - If you’re moving furniture like couches, beds, and tables, there’s a good chance you’ll need our largest unit. But if you just need to move a few boxes of clothing or small pieces, like end tables, a small unit will probably be sufficient.
  • “Where am I moving from?” - How large your dorm, apartment, or home is will also play a big role in what length container you need.

Still not sure what’s the best option for you? Just ask our experts! Go Mini's Franchising, LLC. is committed to minimizing your worries and maximizing your storage space. We can work with your needs and your schedule to ensure you have the best storage experience.

Give us a call at (866) 446-6187 to reserve your unit today, or get an instant quote online.