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Pleasanton Portable Storage Containers

Mobile Storage Units for REnt in the Bay Area

With the wrong company, moving your belongings can be an uncomfortable and frustrating experience. Difficulties can arise from a variety of different things. Some of the frustrations with moving companies can include:

If you are finding yourself dealing with any of these issues, renting a Pleasanton portable storage container from Go Mini's may be your solution.

We focus on providing superior customer service with every interaction, and we have designed the rental process to provide maximum flexibility. Instead of a headache, your next move or temporary storage experience can be satisfyingly simple.

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Mobile Storage for Moving

A mobile storage container is the ideal alternative for people who want to avoid working with traditional moving companies. Many of the frustrations of hiring a moving team are completely avoided.

Benefit: No Deadlines

Instead of having to work around the schedule of your local moving company, you have the ability to choose when you want your portable storage unit dropped off. You can then keep the unit as long as you need it. When you are finished, we will pick it up.

Benefit: No Moving Truck

Driving a moving truck can be a challenging experience. Maneuvering in tight spaces and driving in reverse can quickly become high-stress situations. Go Mini's allows you to avoid this by taking care of all the driving for you.

Benefit: No Hidden Fees

Working with a moving company sometimes involves racking up special fees for gas, mileage, and other items. With Go Mini's, we keep pricing straightforward so that there are no surprises in store at the end.

Mobile Storage for Any Occasion

Apart from relocating, our mobile storage containers in Pleasanton can serve a variety of different purposes. Our portable containers are built to be versatile. We have listed out some of the most common reasons below.

  • Construction Storage
  • Home Renovation Storage
  • Home Staging Storage
  • Seasonal Storage
  • Special Event Storage
  • Office Renovation Storage
  • Temporary On-Site Storage

Whatever your need may be, Go Mini's is here to meet it. Our portable storage units are designed to provide security, protection, and ease-of-use for every moving and storage need.

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