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Livermore Portable Storage Containers

Experience the Benefits of Our Mobile Moving & Storage Units

When you start planning a move, one of the first considerations is how to get your possessions from point A to point B as securely as possible. Moving is stressful enough without the hassle of scheduling local movers or driving a moving truck.

With Go Mini's of Bay Area, CA, you can rest assured that your possessions are protected with our Livermore portable storage containers. We are a local moving and storage company, providing some of the industry’s highest quality and most secure mobile storage units. The best part? We drop off and pick up the storage containers, so you don't have to worry about transporting everything once it's packed.

Looking for storage container drop off and pick up? Call us at (925) 361-3939 or get a quote online to get started today!

Livermore Portable Storage Containers Designed for Any Occasion

Our mobile storage containers are built with your needs in mind and come in three different sizes with several built-in features to ensure your personal possessions are secure and damage-free.

Some specifications for our containers include:

  • Size Options: We offer varying lengths of 12-, 16-, and 20-foot containers.
  • Standard Height: All containers are 8-feet tall.
  • Ventilation: All containers are vented to protect your items from moisture.
  • Tie-Downs: Railings are used to tie down oversized items or hang clothes.
  • Security: Steel frames and siding help to secure your possessions.

Whether you own just a few overflow furniture pieces that need to be stored, currently remodeling your space, or you’re planning a large-scale move, we have the containers to suit your situation perfectly. Our 12-foot container can fit one or two rooms’ worth of furniture, while our 20-foot container can fit up to six rooms’ worth of furniture. No storage or moving project is too large or small for our containers!

The Renting Process Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Renting an on-site portable container shouldn’t be a stressful process. Our Livermore container specialists can help remove any worry and make renting with us fast and easy because—let’s face it—you have more time-consuming things to do.

Follow the steps below to start renting your portable container:

  1. Contact us for rental information: The first step is to contact us and tell us when you need a container.
  2. Schedule your drop-off date and time: Once your date has been selected, we will drop off your on-site storage container in the space you’ve marked on or near your Livermore property.
  3. Keep the container and pack at your leisure: After drop-off, you have the flexibility to keep the container as long as you need to load and store your items.

Once you’re ready for us to pick up the container, we will come and take it to your designated destination or put it in temporary storage for you.

For more information or to start the rental process, call us at (925) 361-3939.

Portable Storage Container FAQs

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes! You can call our team at (925) 361-3939 to request a free quote or request one online.

Do you deliver the containers?

Yes, we do! We make the entire process easy for you. Our professional drivers will pick up and deliver your container for you; essentially, doing all the heavy lifting.

Which size container should I choose?

The container that’s right for you will depend on your needs. Check out our quick size guide below to help with your decision.

Container Size

Best For

12-foot Go Mini’s® moving container

People who only need to do a small-scale move– one to two rooms’ worth of items.

16-foot Go Mini’s® moving container

Can be filled with three to four rooms’ worth of items.

20-foot Go Mini’s® moving container

Can hold up to five to six rooms’ worth of items.

You can also check out our container sizing calculator.

Will I need a ramp to load?

Not at all. Our containers are low to the ground and have padded wheels with eight inches of ground clearance. This makes them easy to load, prevents driveway damage, and helps avoid water problems.

Can the Storage Container Be Dropped Off and Picked Up the Same Day?

One of the best advantages of our portable storage container rentals is that you are in charge of the timetable. We don't have deadlines, due dates, or late fees, so you can keep it as long as you need it. That said, if you only need the storage container for one day, or you've packed it up quickly and want it delivered to your new home the same day, we can make that happen!

Call our Livermore experts at (925) 361-3939 or request your free quote online today!

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