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Go TOUCHLESS with Go Mini’s

Go Mini’s has gone Touchless! The safety of our local communities is our utmost priority. For this reason, Go Mini’s has taken steps to ensure the safest possible measures to keep you safe at home while we continue to provide the services you need. For this, Go Mini’s has implemented:

-Touchless Delivery: Our drivers can drop-off or pick-up containers without the need for direct interaction.

-No-Contact Digital Invoicing: Over-the-phone processing for billing of new or existing rentals with virtual invoices so you can pay without having to leave your home.

-Container Sanitation: We provide clean units to ensure that your items are maintained in the best conditions. Our drivers are verified as essential operators, and abide by local health regulations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Go Mini’s is here to support through these trying times, and we’re taking the steps to protect you and our local neighborhoods. Let’s Go Touchless together!

Go Mini’s COVID-19 Notice

To Our Valued Clients and Community Members,

In the midst of the current turmoil surrounding the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, we at Go Mini’s wanted to take a moment to ease some concerns.

As many of us are experiencing, several areas are facing states of emergency and taking preventative action to inhibit the spread of the virus. This includes the closing of many schools and businesses. That being said, we continue to encourage all of our locations to take necessary precautions to maintain a safe work environment to protect our Go Mini’s team members and our community.

As Go Mini’s is identified as an essential business, we will continue operations until further notice. This includes container delivery, container pick-up, and making rented containers available for entry to our current clients. As we continue to do business, Go Mini’s is taking special care to continue the following safety procedures:

CLEANLINESS: Go Mini’s is taking active precautions to be sure that our containers are maintained in good order and our staff follow key personal care protocol. We understand that keeping your family and your belongings safe are of top-priority.

CONTAINER DELIVERY: As our locations are still in operation, all scheduled drop-offs and pick-ups should be expected as scheduled (unless otherwise noted by your local Go Mini’s team). Deliveries and pick-ups will have minimal direct person-to-person contact.

CONTENT ACCESS: Go Mini’s clients will still be granted access to their containers. As individual states experience varying degrees of social distancing regulations and public restrictions, Go Mini’s will adhere to these regulations to keep our clients and their items safe and sanitary.

SAFE SIGN-OFF & BILLING: Our sign-off and billing process is minimal-contact for your convenience and protection. Many Go Mini’s locations offer contact-free billing and invoicing. Please contact your local Go Mini’s team for further information on direct invoicing and digital bill-pay.

Please, take a moment to review these key points to aid in keeping our team members safe:

  • We advise following all local, state, and federal advisories, including but not limited to self-quarantine, travel restrictions, and minimizing public interaction.
  • If you feel sick, stay home.
  • Sanitize regularly. The virus is known to survive on surfaces for 48-72 hours.
  • Protect yourselves by washing your hands, being cautions of public surfaces, and maintaining personal vigilance.
  • Pay attention to alerts from organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state health departments, and emergency management groups for key information and updates.

Let’s work together to stay safe, healthy, and successful. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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