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Secure Storage in San Antonio

How Much Furniture Can Fit In A 20 Foot Container?

Once you have your secure mobile storage unit, fill it with as many items as you can. Our containers come in 12-, 16-, and 20-feet long options, all of which are eight feet high. This allows for up to six rooms of furniture in our 20-foot container! You may not have six rooms-worth of items and furniture, but you’ll be glad to have the extra space to store whatever you need the future—containers are a great way to create more room space at your San Antonio home or apartment.

Letting other people handle your possessions can be nerve-wracking and leave you concerned for your items’ safety—imaybe someone will steal them, or a moving company will break them. With Go Mini's of San Antonio, TX, you have access to some of the most secure containers in Texas. Our temporary storage containers utilize secure roll-up or swing doors, sturdy railings, and steel-welded frames to keep your items secure. So, whether you need a container to store items during a move, or to simply hold your possessions for a while, we’re here to serve.

Give us a call at (210) 405-9276 or get a quote online, and we can set you up with one of our storage units in san antonio!

Off-Site Storage for Our Portable Containers

If you can't or don't want to keep the storage container on-site with you, give us a call. We will come pick up the storage unit and bring it back to our secure storage facility, where we can store your container until you're ready for it. Then just give us another call and we'll bring it back to you!

Additional benefits to our self-storage containers include:

  • Protection – As mentioned, our self-storage containers are incredibly secure with protective and pressure-treated steel, but our secure storage provides an additional level of security by housing the unit in a Go Mini's of San Antonio, TX location.
  • Contentment – Because the secure storage is kept in one location, you will always know where it is and have peace of mind that your items are safe.
  • Flexibility – With most storage units, you’ll need to rent multiple containers the more items you have. With us, you merely need to rent a longer container—you get more space but keep only one container as opposed to multiple.

If you’d like to hear more about the benefits of renting our containers, call (210) 405-9276 today!

Long-Term Storage Containers for Off-Site Storage

After you call us to pick up the secure container, we’ll bring it to a Go Mini's of San Antonio, TX location. This method offers you a chance to take a few items or furniture pieces off your chest without getting rid of them.

Whatever your reason for renting a storage unit, our secure storage is ideal for keeping your items in a secure off-site location. Also, if your plans include long-term storage, our containers are vented and floors are sealed to protect your items from the San Antonio humidity.

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Questions About our Portable STorage Units Stored Offsite

What are common reasons to rent an off-site storage unit?

We have customers renting our units for various reasons:
  • In the middle of a move – Renting our storage allows you to keep multiple rooms-worth of furniture in one location until you’re ready to move them.
  • Need more space – If you recently came into possession of items—perhaps from buying or inheriting them—it’s not uncommon to run out of space at your residence.
  • Renovating their home – Our off-site storage gives you the chance to keep your items in a separate location so you can focus on overhauling your home.

How is your company different than self-storage?

With self-storage, you have to haul your items to the storage facility. With Go Mini's we bring the container to you and then transport everything to our facility for you.

Can you drop off my container at a different location when I am ready to bring it out of storage?

Yes! We provide local moving services along with storage services.

What makes your containers secure?

Our portable storage units are designed from steel-welded frames and secure steel siding. Our swing doors and roll-up doors have secure locking features.

How will I know which size unit I need?

We have a storage calculator to help you determine which unit is the best fit for your needs.

Looking to rent one of our containers for secure storage? Call (210) 405-9276, or Get a quote!