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Portable Storage Units in Saint Augustine, Fl

On-Site Storage Container Rentals

Do you want more storage possibilities at your home or office? Or are you possibly relocating somewhere within Saint Augustine? The only place to look for portable storage is at Go Mini's of Jacksonville!

We are aware that transporting or storing your belongings securely can be challenging and time-consuming. Go Mini's of Jacksonville is designed to provide you with more than our competitors while also providing you with quick, easy, and affordable portable moving choices to make your life more convenient while you're on the go!


Simple options for portable storage

The portable storage options that Go Mini's of Jacksonville provides were developed with your moving needs in mind. We are typically considerably more practical and economical than doing it yourself or hiring a moving vehicle.


1. We deliver your mobile storage container and transport it anywhere you need it.
2. Your mobile storage unit is equipped with everything you need to travel or store! This can be loaded at your own speed and left open until it is finished.
3. Our expertly qualified and certified driver will bring your container to the location where you need it the most after it has been filled and secured.
4. If you don't have a new space available yet, we can always keep it for you until you're ready to unload!

We did mention it would be rather straightforward. Our main goal is to minimize your problems and increase your storage capacity.

Moving trucks and portable storage in Saint Augustine, Florida

Whether you are moving into your dream home or switching locations for your business, life may be tremendously stressful when it comes to the big move. Choosing between a moving truck and a portable storage unit can be difficult, but it shouldn't be.

Renting a portable container is among the wisest things you can do when moving. From time savings to ongoing convenience over traditional moving tactics, a portable storage unit may be exactly what you need to streamline your transfer.

Using a movable storage container instead of a more traditional moving truck has the following benefits:

  • Convenience - Moving vehicles are often more cumbersome than portable storage containers. In addition to picking up the container when you're ready and bringing it to your new location so it's there waiting for you when you get there, we'll carry the container directly to you, saving you the inconvenience of a truck pickup. You only need to load and unload; any further tasks can be completed by a moving team or even a group of friends.
  • Storage - If you need a little extra time to unload your belongings before you unload the container, we would be more than happy to safely keep it for you. We provide you more options so that you won't need to pay for a moving truck on a daily basis.
  • Flexibility - For you and your assets, we offer straightforward solutions that are adjustable. You are welcome to take as much time as necessary to load or unload your items. We'll always work with you to provide solutions that fit your needs and the situation!

We still give our customers tried-and-true portable storage container solutions that safeguard their time, money, and belongings! Our employees are routinely trained and certified to transport and deliver our mobile storage units in Saint Augustine. We also designed our mobile storage units to protect your treasured belongings!

We offer mobile storage units in various sizes

No matter the situation, whether you are moving your entire home or business, we want to make sure you always have options for portable storage to make the job even simpler. With our three available lengths, we are likely to have a size that fits you!

Three lengths are available for storage-size containers:

12 feet This space may hold the furniture from one or two rooms.
16 feet - This space may hold the furniture from two or three rooms.
20 feet - The furniture from up to six rooms can fit in this space.

We are the only national portable storage franchise that provides 20-foot containers!


We are happy to offer short-term storage options that are designed to protect your belongings and your money. The following are additional benefits of renting a mobile storage container:

Every container is equipped with the essential ventilation equipment to protect your belongings from things like mold and mildew.
Store Your Biggest Items: Our storage units are 8 feet tall, so you can safely put your largest and most valuable belongings inside of them.
Expertly Constructed - These storage containers are made of galvanized steel and are expertly planned and built. Our containers are raised 8 inches from the ground and equipped with cushioned wheels to prevent flooding.

We still offer a few of the most useful and affordable mobile storage units in Saint Augustine. Whether you're moving across town or just need more storage space at the office, we'll keep offering cutting-edge storage solutions that will make accomplishing your tasks and jobs in Saint Augustine less stressful and inconvenient.

Do you need portable storage that's reasonably priced? For further information, call (904) 606-8935 or click here.

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