How to Pack Up Your Garage for a Move

Packing Your Garage

If you're like most families, the garage can often become a catch-all location for miscellaneous items and junk. From bikes and scooters to old boots and tools — it can be pretty intimidating to begin packing up this area of your home when preparing for an upcoming move.

But eventually, you will have to roll up your sleeves and get packing! Let's tackle your garage together:


If your garage is in disarray, packing it up will become much easier once everything is organized. Begin by sorting through all your belongings and decide what you need to keep, donate or throw away.

While organizing can be a hard, long, and intimidating step, it will make your garage easier to pack and will give you a cleaner, more organized start in your new home.

Pack Up Seasonal Items

Seasonal items like holiday decorations, pool floats and toys, and winter gear like shovels and sleds take up a lot of garage space. As you look at the amount of these types of items you have, it may be a good idea to rent a storage container to store these items until you need them again.

This will keep bulky, unused items out of your new garage and reduce the amount of clutter to tip-toe around.

Be Cautious

Garages are often home to items that can be dangerous, like power tools and chemicals. Make sure these items are properly packed and labeled so that they can be safely transported to your new home.

When packing up power tools, wrap the cords securely around the tool before placing them in a box. As for chemicals like paint, stains, cleaning products, and pest control solutions, make sure they are stored upright in their original containers with the lids tightly sealed.

Keep these items out of reach of your children and pets during the move in order to avoid any accidents.

Rent a Mini

You may find that you have more to fill a storage container with than just seasonal items. Whatever your storage needs, Go Mini's has the solution. Check out our Minis and get a quote for yours today. We’ll deliver right to your property and bring it away when you’re done — it’s that easy!

We know that packing up a garage is a chore no one wants to do — but with these tips, you'll be tackling the cobwebs, toys, and tools in no time.