One Container, Complete Convenience

Secure Storage Units in Austin

Safe Storage Containers Stored Offsite

Searching for an alternative storage solution to traditional self-storage facilities? Maybe you've had to put your plans to buy a bigger home on hold. Or maybe you have bulky seasonal items and no room to store them off-season. Renting a traditional storage facility in Austin means transporting your things, dealing with long-term contracts, and other challenges. The secret to freeing up more space could be an offsite storage container from Go Mini's of Austin, TX. We provide mobile storage units that can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Once you've loaded up the temporary storage container, just give us a call and we will take your unit to a secure, offsite storage facility until you need it. Our storage container rentals are open-ended, so take as long as you need to load and just give us a call when you want the container returned to you.

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Secure Offsite Storage: 12-, 16-, and 20-Ft Units

We know what the phrase “offsite storage” likely conjures in your mind, but give us the chance to change your expectations. Go Mini's of Austin, TX offers bigger storage units and an extra level of security for your belongings.

We’ve designed and patented custom storage containers in three different sizes so you can have more options and more space. Because Go Mini’s uses portable self-storage containers, you don’t even have to make a trip to a storage facility—we’ll bring your unit straight to you! It's our on-site storage containers made even more convenient with secure off-site storage.

When it comes to value and convenience, Go Mini's of Austin, TX can’t be beat. See how we can help you make the most of your space with the least fuss.

We Make Secure Storage More Convenient

From having to pack your things in your car, to accessing your locker, to trying to figure out the puzzle-like arrangement that will make everything fit, off-site storage is a pain. Our portable self-storage containers were created to remove friction from the process. Cleaning out your house is enough of a chore before you even start arranging storage for your belongings. Now, you don’t have to worry about not having enough space for a home project or a container big enough for a move.

With a simple phone call, you can arrange for your Go Mini’s secure storage container to be delivered right to your house. You have as long as you need to pack it up or retrieve your items. Just call us again when you’re done, and we’ll take the unit straight to the nearest storage location until you need it again.

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Twice the Protection

Go Mini’s storage units are designed for outside, on-site storage, so they come equipped with safety features including:

  • Steel-welded frames
  • Locking roll-up or swing doors

Our off-site storage facilities add another layer of protection. Together with our secure storage containers, our hubs provide a trustworthy safeguard 24/7.

Built with Your Belongings in Mind

Go Mini’s worked long and hard to give you the best storage value. Our containers provide more space than competitors’ offerings that have identical dimensions. We’re also the only company that offers a 20-foot-long unit for those who need more square footage.

Making long-term storage containers for on-site or off-site storage isn’t an easy feat, but we’re proud of our innovations. Along with the security features mentioned above, our units all have:

  • More railings and tie-downs than competitors’ storage containers
  • Padded wheels that won’t wreck your driveway
  • A venting system to prevent moisture buildup
  • 8-inch clearance to keep your belongings dry

We allow you to rent by the week or by the month, whichever works for you—just another way we show our dedication to making your life easier!

Start Using a Secure Storage Container

Just because you can’t fit all your belongings in your home doesn’t mean they’re any less treasured. Go Mini's of Austin, TX’s portable self-storage containers make it easy to get started with secure, offsite storage.

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