Moving Containers in Austin

Are you planning a big move and don’t know where to start? Is your company going to change headquarters soon and there is so much to pack up? Have you simply run out of space on your property and you need to come up with a temporary solution? Go Mini's of Austin, TX has the solution to all of these situations and more!

Arrange for a portable unit to be delivered to your Austin property by calling us at (512) 675-5517 today. Also, feel free to check out our specials.

What are Moving Containers?

We offer moving containers and portable storage containers that are as durable as they are convenient. Our moving containers have been carefully designed to maximize how much you can store inside them while also keeping it easy to move and store the container. Packing and unpacking items out of our containers is also a breeze thanks to our design innovations, like wide-opening doors and interior tie-downs.

Other favorite features of our moving containers:

  • Padded wheels to prevent driveway damage when loading and moving the container
  • Pressure-treated, sealed flooring for added moisture-resistance
  • Factory-baked exterior paint to prevent container “sweating”
  • Standardized 8-foot height for easy transportation route planning
  • Ventilation ports to deter mildew growth if storing items for an extended time
  • 8-inches of ground clearance to protect items in case of rain and flooding

Go Mini’s® Moving Container Sizes

At Go Mini's of Austin, TX, our moving container company offers three different sizes of moving containers, allowing you to find the right one based on how much you need to pack and move. Regardless of the size you pick, you can trust that it will be delivered right to your property on-time and for a fair price. We can also pick up your loaded container to help relocate it as needed, maximizing your convenience by minimizing how much you need to do for your big move. All you need to do is pack your mobile moving container at your own pace and give us a call when you are ready for it to be hauled to your new home or business. We also offer secure indoor storage for every storage container, should you need to keep your unit off-site during the move.

How to Pack Fragile Items for Storage or Moving from Austin.

Our three moving container sizes available in Austin are:

  • 12-foot length: Recommended for when you are only moving a few rooms, such as if one person is moving out of your apartment.
  • 16-foot length: Typically stores the contents of three or four rooms. Recommended for moving out of a large apartment or a small home. This length of Go Mini’s® portable moving container is also adequate for most small businesses.
  • 20-foot length: Our largest-sized moving container, this model is capable of holding the content of five, six, or seven rooms on average. If you know you have a lot to move from point A to point B, you should err on the side of caution and choose our 20-foot length model.

Austin Moving Container FAQs

What sizes are your moving containers?

Our Austin storage containers come in 3 basic lengths: a 12-foot, 16-foot, and 20-foot option.

What can fit in a 16ft moving container?

Generally, our 16-foot moving container can hold the furniture and belongings of a one-bedroom house or large one-bedroom apartment. We recommend this size for three to four rooms, but this refers to all rooms, not just bedrooms. For instance, you might use this moving container to move:
  • A formal dining room table and chairs
  • A queen-size mattress and box spring
  • A dresser
  • A sofa
  • An easy chair
  • A coffee table
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Boxed kitchenware
  • Clothes
  • Books and other personal belongings

Are the units moisture resistant?

Yes. Our portable moving units are sealed and pressure-treated to keep surfaces moisture free. They are also vented to reduce humidity.

How long can I keep my unit on-site?

There is no time limit. You can keep your unit for as long as you need.

Do your units have ramps?

Our units are designed to rest on the ground so that there is no need for ramps. The units are designed with 8 inches of ground clearance.

How tall are your units?

All our storage units are 8 feet high.

What material are your units made out of?

Our containers are built from galvanized steel with a coating of factory-baked paint to prohibit sweating.

We can help you choose the right-sized moving container in Austin to prepare for your next local move. Call (512) 675-5517 to discuss options and get a free quote!