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Portable Storage Containers in Round Rock

Storage Container Solutions

Tired of lugging your items back and forth between storage facilities? Are you looking for easy and convenient portable storage solutions in Round Rock or a surrounding area? Look no further than Go Mini's of Austin, TX! We offer storage containers and moving containers for your convenience. Whether you're looking for secured inside storage, storage for home remodeling, or storage while moving - we've got you covered!

We realize how stressful, time-consuming, and expensive it can be to properly store or transport your belongings. That’s why we have designed our portable storage units to be affordable while offering more than our competitors.

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How Our Round Rock Storage Units Work

We have a proven process that continues to offer convenient solutions for you and your belongings. At Go Mini's of Austin, TX, we continue to provide storage solutions that are designed with you and your moving needs in mind. In most cases, we are far more convenient and affordable than renting a moving truck.

Our process is pretty simple and can be understood from three easy steps:

  1. Delivery – We deliver you the desired portable storage container you need where you need it. Our flexible scheduling options allow us to deliver it and have it arrive at whatever time is most convenient for you!
  2. Load – You load the container at your pace. You can keep the storage container for however long you may need it.
  3. Transport – Once it’s packed, we will pick up the storage container and drive it to your new location. If the new spot isn’t ready, don’t worry. We are more than happy to store it at our facility until you’re ready for it!

You read that right, it’s that easy. We are fully committed to minimizing your worries and maximizing your storage space. We will always work with your needs and your schedule to ensure you have superior service.

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We Offer Round Rock Storage Units in Several Sizes

Every job requires different storage sizes. Whether you are transporting the whole office, home, or business, we want to ensure that you always have choices to make the job even easier.

We offer three portable storage container sizes:

  • 12 Feet
  • 16 Feet
  • 20 Feet

We offer these three different lengths of portable storage containers to help you get exactly what you need for your job. In fact, we are the only national portable storage franchise to offer 20-foot containers. As a rule of thumb, our 12-foot container is designed to fit around 1 or 2 rooms’ worth of furniture, while our 20-foot container is designed to fit up to 6 rooms’ worth of furniture!

Portable Storage Container Features

Regardless of length, our containers come with universal features. Every Go Mini's of Austin, TX container is:

  • Ventilated – Every container is fully ventilated to reduce moisture and humidity that would otherwise create mold and mildew.
  • 8-Feet Tall – Every one of our storage containers is 8-feet tall. This allows you more than enough room to fit whatever you may need into one of our easy-to-load storage containers.
  • 8 Inches Off the Ground – Every container is designed to avoid possible water damage by building the container to stand 8 inches off the ground.
  • Padded Wheels – Every container is built with padded wheels to ensure your driveway is protected from damage.

We continue to offer some of the most convenient and affordable portable storage containers in the industry. Whether you are planning to redo your kitchen, or looking to move across town, we offer storage solutions that will ease the stress and headaches that come with completing your projects and jobs.

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