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Longterm Storage Solutions from Go Minis

Due to shifts in the housing market, many homeowners are facing extended periods of time between buying and selling homes. Some are selling and taking time to purchase new OR are selling and opting to build, meaning they need extended storage solutions.

Sometimes, storage requirements are indefinite. Some people are not sure how long they will need storage or whether or not they will need access to their items during the extended storage unit. Go Mini’s has many options for all types of storage.

Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions about using Go Mini’s for your long-term storage needs.


Can I access my unit once it is in storage at the Go Minis facility?

Yes. While Go Mini's is not like a traditional self-storage facility, we do allow renters to access their units, if needed. We ask for 48-hour notice to schedule time to pull your container and have someone meet you at the storage facility. First time free, each time after that you will be charged a $25 re-warehousing fee.

If I need to access the unit, can you deliver it to my house?

Yes, we can schedule the unit to be delivered to your temporary residence for a one-time $80 pickup and delivery fee. This covers the cost of us delivering to you and then picking up the container to place it back in storage at our facility when you are ready. Ideal for people who might need access to the container and its contents for more than an hour or two.

Can I access my container at any time while it is in storage?

We require a 48-hour advance notice to ensure your unit is accessible. You can access your container between 9 am and 4 pm Monday-Friday. This allows us time to restock your container and secure it after you have visited.

I need to change my rental length, how do I do that?

For your convenience, the payment method you provide is setup on auto-renewal. Your unit will automatically renew every 30 days from the time of delivery. The unit is yours and will not be rented to someone else until you return it. If you need to shorten your rental period, just contact us 48 hours before the renewal date so that we can schedule your container pickup.

Am I subject to price increases during a long-term rental?

Your monthly rental fee is set on the day that you schedule your delivery. We will not change your monthly rental fee based on seasonal demand or price fluctuations over time.

Is there a price difference depending on where I store my container?

No. Go Mini's transparent pricing includes all the fees and taxes upfront. Container handling fees are paid at the time of delivery. Our monthly rental fee is based solely on the container size, not the storage location, giving you the freedom to take advantage of our secure storage facility, as needed.

Find out how much space you need with our quick and easy storage calculator.

Contact us today for a free quote and to schedule your delivery.

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